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Pavlo Shchelokovskyy 209e6a4da6 Add documentation for ansible-deploy driver
Change-Id: Ieb61ccda30cc31434ffe3a0ec7d1a85ca0f7988f
Related-Bug: #1526308
7 years ago
Jenkins 6718d638eb Merge "Add docs for Intel NM vendor passthru driver" 7 years ago
Pavlo Shchelokovskyy c82b63c423 Add docs for Intel NM vendor passthru driver
Change-Id: I917176d90ba4aacb73a18eff46863716ff8a14e8
7 years ago
Jenkins b0b3dccc9a Merge "Cleanup tox.ini: Remove obsolete constraints" 7 years ago
Jenkins 9337381ca7 Merge "Add Ansible-deploy driver" 7 years ago
Pavlo Shchelokovskyy 21df4aec85 [Docs] give example of dev libvirt pkg name
as examples, point to appropriate names for Ubuntu and Fedora.

Change-Id: Icaa81a250220d2a26bdcc02886c25247fcf91884
7 years ago
Jenkins 7bfbfcf5fa Merge "Add docs for libvirt driver" 7 years ago
Pavlo Shchelokovskyy ffd006e098 Add Ansible-deploy driver
Requires Ironic API >= 1.22 when using heartbeats to Ironic API.

For better logging and proper deployment failure handling,
Ironic should be > '6.1.1.dev147' version.

Tested with and targets Ansible >= 2.1

Experimental DIB element: I3f6c3baf0197d27f2d423f52611666ca186cd0a4
Experimental TinyCore-based bootstrap:

Tested with DevStack, Bifrost and Mirantis OpenStack,
with both VMs and real IPMI hardware.
Tempest's baremetal_server_basic_ops test reliably passes on DevStack
with `pxe_ssh_ansible` driver.

More elaborate documentation will be proposed in next changes.

Change-Id: Ib9317d365d7bc39aa00a9d9e1eadddd2f9b2947f
Related-bug: #1526308
Co-Authored-By: Yuriy Zveryanskyy <>
7 years ago
Jenkins 4a6bb47529 Merge "Fix reference in WoL driver docs" 7 years ago
Pavlo Shchelokovskyy f333dbfab4 Add docs for libvirt driver
Change-Id: Ie9a164818645562e7e7140113f9ebeb5e9eee4c8
7 years ago
Andreas Jaeger 1543af888b Cleanup tox.ini: Remove obsolete constraints
Remove old and unused constraints environments from tox.ini. Those
have never been used.

Note that the repo has in the past not used constraints in OpenStack
CI, this change keeps the status quo.

For more information about constraints see:

Change-Id: Idb24ac27d5653b5f0c7a5f618b475c9e278fcc8a
7 years ago
Lucas Alvares Gomes f3698f57ed Fix iboot mock
The iboot mock was pointing to the iboot module in Ironic
(ironic.drivers.modules.iboot), this patch is changing it to point to
the module in ironic-staging-drivers otherwise, once iboot is removed
from the Ironic tree it's likely to break the unittests in this project.

Change-Id: I85fbfa9a83143ad309ae0cf6d5d45c8b7e45391e
7 years ago
Lucas Alvares Gomes 3ca96ed906 Mock the 'libvirt' import on tests
This patch is removing python-libvirt from test-requirements.txt and
mocking that library for the tests.

Closes-Bug: #1616906
Change-Id: Id067476c58bf9ddedd6cfc5fe80303f7d949cb9e
7 years ago
Pavlo Shchelokovskyy b993e8c281 Fix reference in WoL driver docs
There is an internal Ironic docs reference left after moving
this driver from Ironic repo, which does not work and produces warnings
during docs build.

Change-Id: I8111d90b530708b3a0ce00361ae532b933553536
7 years ago
Jenkins 5ed5ff4d99 Merge "Add iBoot driver" 7 years ago
Lucas Alvares Gomes 0eef2eaa95 Remove kwargs from the vendor passthru continue_deploy tests
The commit a9216bb07f4ccd4dc202fd1f5c14b36a08ac6046 in Ironic refactored
the vendor passtrhru classes and removed the kwargs from the
continue_deploy() method, breaking the tests in here.

Closes-Bug: #1612210
Change-Id: Ie471dddb7d05a0fd5710518ab38b555e7dce0596
7 years ago
Lucas Alvares Gomes 6e8fc9fc4d Add iBoot driver
This patch is importing the iBoot driver and its documentation from
ironic to ironic-staging-driver.

Since we can't have duplicated entry points in setuptools we had to
rename the driver names as following:

pxe_iboot   -> pxe_iboot_iscsi
agent_iboot -> pxe_iboot_agent
fake_iboot  -> fake_iboot_fake

Change-Id: I2783b8e65408811858ffb00c372aa7ae269ad75b
7 years ago
Yuriy Zveryanskyy 477fd760e3 Remove pass_deploy_info() from AMT driver
Change I0fc25c64339bc4c1f03ccb35cbc4efad4a7ad966 removes old ramdisk
support from Ironic, and pass_deploy_info() method does not present.
This patch removes pass_deploy_info() support from AMT driver.

Change-Id: Iece3d18a55c94cb9406bac477d643321e8c6fc0a
7 years ago
Jenkins d9f6198d90 Merge "Install amt driver requirements" 7 years ago
Jenkins af85266544 Merge "Add devstack plugin" 7 years ago
Vasyl Saienko 7a08bec56a Install amt driver requirements
This patch installs pywsman, which is needed for AMT driver.
Adds AMT driver to Ironic enabled_drivers.

Change-Id: I5410c6c38d409dbcef8823602a05f99ff4c725b5
7 years ago
Vasyl Saienko afee94c720 Add devstack plugin
This is initial commit of ironic-staging-drivers devstack plugin.
The plugin install ironic-staging-drivers and adds drivers specified
in devstack/enabled-drivers.txt to Ironic enabled_drivers.

It install driver specific requirements by walking through list of
staging drivers directories and calls:
  pip_install -r $driver/python-requirements.txt
  source $driver/

Directories specified in IRONIC_DRIVERS_EXCLUDED_DIRS are ignored.

List of enabled ironic drivers:
 fake_wol_fake, pxe_wol_iscsi, pxe_wol_agent,
 agent_ipmitool_nm, fake_nm,
 pxe_libvirt_agent, pxe_libvirt_iscsi, fake_libvirt_fake

Moves libvirt requirements to libvirt/python-requirements.txt

amt driver requires openwsman library, and will be added in next CR.

Change-Id: I281118b6e4bf17c98717d7727f99e61db418ba20
7 years ago
Jenkins 38281db50f Merge "Change global names in Intel NM driver" 7 years ago
Yuriy Zveryanskyy b9b780fe17 Change global names in Intel NM driver
Remove unneeded "INTEL_NM" prefix.
There is comment on review of

Change-Id: Icb83201d3d4efbada96c250a52a2bf4eef31b81d
7 years ago
Yuriy Zveryanskyy 9e96fb9f7e Fix boot policy for Intel Node Manager driver
Correction time parameter does not apply to boot time policy and
should be set to zero.

Change-Id: I342c576508a2c65d3022d0f6e27ad5454178cf6b
7 years ago
Yuriy Zveryanskyy 10b87cb98e Add vendor methods for Intel Node Manager statistics
Intel Node Manager is able to provide some statistical parameters
directly without tools like ceilometer.
This patch adds vendor methods for statistics.

Change-Id: I9becb7e4f62c773d2a21fd53255acad3098b47a3
7 years ago
vsaienko 296a45c8af Introduce libvirt power/mgmt driver
Libvirt has its own API. It allows to connect to different hypervisors
like xen, vmware, virtualbox, qemu, full list can be found at
It supports different type of transports like ssh, tcp, unix sockets.
This patch introduces new type of power and management drivers,
which use libvirt-python library to connect to hypervisor.

Change-Id: I2df214aab95c2f5d2505f5ad4ef9f3a542e44c6a
Depends-On: I12211db38a3fdb3b2d733e5769f2c052c32c4a75
Closes-Bug: #1523880
7 years ago
Lin Tan 5215fb6bb9 Improve the readability of AMT doc
Change-Id: I53de692f77c9b4eb5a1a629de4b6265d886eec0d
7 years ago
Jenkins 93d891157f Merge "Add amt driver" 7 years ago
Lin Tan 79217fcaee Add amt driver
This patch is importing the amt driver and the documentation.

Change-Id: Ief024a4b21dcfdfaa2e2799c44f96044caef49b2
7 years ago
Yuriy Zveryanskyy 3be78d2207 Remove ipmi module from Intel Node Manager driver
Completely remove ipmi helper module because all needed changes has
been merged into Ironic.

Change-Id: I372f4207222574fa51fb0e25c3733567b46f2327
7 years ago
Yuriy Zveryanskyy d5f031527f Add Intel Node Manager driver
This patch adds two new entry points with Intel Node Manager
vendor interface: "agent_ipmitool_nm" and "fake_nm".
New vendor interface supports Intel Node Manager policies.

Change-Id: Iedbb3b906cef7bd5b2d768e926a59820ccd8c196
7 years ago
Lucas Alvares Gomes 5ad7c7c925 Add Wake-On-Lan driver
This patch is importing the Wake-On-Lan (WOL) driver and its documentation
from ironic to ironic-staging-driver.

Since we can't have duplicated entry points in setuptools we had to
rename the driver names as following:

pxe_wol   -> pxe_wol_iscsi
agent_wol -> pxe_wol_agent
fake_wol  -> fake_wol_fake

This patch is using the "<boot>_<power>_<deploy>" template to name the
drivers consistently.

Change-Id: I2b051494fdba7bf6ca30d8f7bb406511bf7d4d76
7 years ago
Lucas Alvares Gomes 986d47569d Add documentation links
This patch is adding a link to the online documentation in the README
and setup.cfg files.

Change-Id: I1e3b53c573c6fc96cd93330ff490d2bd70faca96
7 years ago
Jenkins 0e2b12cff8 Merge "Add reno for release notes management" 7 years ago
Lucas Alvares Gomes ba17b7c6fe Add reno for release notes management
Change-Id: Ia09a993d6ca7fa073db77be12035ec49a71db597
7 years ago
Jenkins 2ffb160171 Merge "remove omit in coveragerc" 7 years ago
Lucas Alvares Gomes 52e5a3a766 Add the module
This commit is adding the module for ironic-staging-drivers
and updating the doc/source/ configuration file to use the new
version module.

Change-Id: If845ebb4ca35293a1cd4bd1a42e93999cb919777
7 years ago
Lucas Alvares Gomes bb057ce38c Add a "how to contribute" section to the README file
Change-Id: I95abc75fe0cdf0dc17e7843a3c18496de7b240e5
7 years ago
Lin Tan 38f1ceab35 remove omit in coveragerc
oslo-incubator is deprecated indeed, so we should not expect there
is anything under ironic_staging_drivers/openstack

Change-Id: Iae2242f372da414d1398509997ed96fe7396fe6c
7 years ago
Lucas Alvares Gomes df49cb37b0 Install "ironic" in the unittest environment
This patch is adding an "extra-requirements.txt" file that points to the
Ironic's git repository which will be installed in the virtual
environment where the unittests will run.

Change-Id: I42ccbfde8f3381b9d77f85b3f676c0b455c62851
7 years ago
Lucas Alvares Gomes a27e38e50c Skeleton initial commit
Change-Id: I6b2c34135c79931defaccc6480e382f54a95d9a6
7 years ago
OpenStack Project Creator 3962164200 Added .gitreview 7 years ago