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Vasyl Saienko afee94c720 Add devstack plugin
This is initial commit of ironic-staging-drivers devstack plugin.
The plugin install ironic-staging-drivers and adds drivers specified
in devstack/enabled-drivers.txt to Ironic enabled_drivers.

It install driver specific requirements by walking through list of
staging drivers directories and calls:
  pip_install -r $driver/python-requirements.txt
  source $driver/

Directories specified in IRONIC_DRIVERS_EXCLUDED_DIRS are ignored.

List of enabled ironic drivers:
 fake_wol_fake, pxe_wol_iscsi, pxe_wol_agent,
 agent_ipmitool_nm, fake_nm,
 pxe_libvirt_agent, pxe_libvirt_iscsi, fake_libvirt_fake

Moves libvirt requirements to libvirt/python-requirements.txt

amt driver requires openwsman library, and will be added in next CR.

Change-Id: I281118b6e4bf17c98717d7727f99e61db418ba20
7 years ago