A project used to hold out-of-tree ironic drivers
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# retries through the ansible-deploy driver are not supported
retry_files_enabled = False
# this is using supplied callback_plugin to interleave ansible event logs
# into Ironic-conductor log as set in ironic configuration file,
# see callback_plugin/ironic_log.ini for some options to set
# (DevStack _needs_ some tweaks)
callback_whitelist = ironic_log
# For better security, bake SSH host keys into bootstrap image,
# add those to ~/.ssh/known_hosts for user running ironic-conductor service
# on all nodes where ironic-conductor and ansible-deploy driver are installed,
# and set the host_key_checking to True (or comment it out, it is the default)
host_key_checking = False
# uncomment if you have problem with ramdisk locale on ansible >= 2.1
# This sets the interval (in seconds) of Ansible internal processes polling
# each other. Lower values improve performance with large playbooks at
# the expense of extra CPU load. Higher values are more suitable for Ansible
# usage in automation scenarios, when UI responsiveness is not required but
# CPU usage might be a concern.
# Default corresponds to the value hardcoded in Ansible ≤ 2.1:
#internal_poll_interval = 0.001
# pipelining greatly increases speed of deployment, disable it only when
# your version of ssh client on ironic node or server in bootstrap image
# do not support it or if you can not disable "requiretty" for the
# passwordless sudoer user in the bootstrap image.
# See Ansible documentation for more info:
# http://docs.ansible.com/ansible/intro_configuration.html#pipelining
pipelining = True