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  Zuul 6cb68c6ca5 Merge "Update git.openstack.org to opendev.org" 4 days ago
  Mark Goddard 5af8c96317 Update git.openstack.org to opendev.org 1 month ago
  OpenDev Sysadmins 56b248db42 OpenDev Migration Patch 1 month ago
  Mark Goddard 6954eeb5cc Synchronise with kayobe-config for Rocky 3 months ago
  Vieri 278273f98b Change openstack-dev to openstack-discuss 5 months ago
  Will Szumski f724bd8ac2 Use TinyIPA deployment images 7 months ago
  Zuul 47ff06706b Merge "Use master upper-constraints" 6 months ago
  Zuul 95e8de8bcc Merge "Add a neutron allocation pool" 6 months ago
  Zuul 67b6b55e33 Merge "Update README to include repo's purpose" 6 months ago
  Will Szumski 0c95ebcfd0 Add a neutron allocation pool 7 months ago
  Mark Goddard 7666e04929 Use master upper-constraints 7 months ago
  Mark Goddard 1085a0c95e Fix package name in setup.cfg 7 months ago
  Mark Goddard 6e4642a200 Synchronise with kayobe-config for Queens 7 months ago
  Mark Goddard 5815aa7332 Use virtualenv_path to set ansible_python_interpreter 8 months ago
  Mark Goddard ad54510e35 Add Zuul configuration, fix Gerrit repo 8 months ago
  Mark Goddard 0eaeb2bf18 Update README to include repo's purpose 8 months ago
  Mark Goddard f88c7bb52d Remove Zuul configuration 8 months ago
  Mark Goddard 35fabd4630 Fix references to kayobe-config after merge 8 months ago
  Mark Goddard 57762a3dee Merge upstream kayobe-config 8 months ago
  zhulingjie 962edb4f6a Update the bug link for more accuracy 8 months ago
  Mark Goddard 5bcad3c90e Use only a single worker process 8 months ago
  Mark Goddard 0859c8e444
Merge pull request #2 from w-miller/bifrost-overlay-ci 9 months ago
  Will Miller 48eda02b3d Use overlay Docker storage for seed CI 9 months ago
  Mark Goddard de867f93e2 Add Zuul configuration 1 year ago
  Mark Goddard c9af3d9f2d Add git review file 1 year ago
  Mark Goddard f3aac5c4d0 Add tox.ini with pep8 environment that runs yamllint 1 year ago
  Mark Goddard c0dc6c3d09 Update README text links 1 year ago
  Mark Goddard b348935c3d Use a virtual environment for remote operations 1 year ago
  Mark Goddard 256ef9619d Synchronise with kayobe @ 1c976bc125784fa41503ebf2cd7aea5fe4a17170 1 year ago
  Mark Goddard 35dc9476d7 Use QEMU for virtualised compute 1 year ago
  Mark Goddard 724cdb6858 Enable virtualised compute in overcloud 1 year ago
  Nick Jones fb4024e152
Merge pull request #1 from stackhpc/keystone-fernet-tokens 1 year ago
  Mark Goddard 3fabd8e9cf Add support for a seed host 1 year ago
  Nick Jones 9e42ca5a07
Override Kolla-Ansible and set the default Keystone token format to Fernet 1 year ago
  Mark Goddard 460156556d Sync groups file with upstream kayobe 1 year ago
  Mark Goddard ce3b303321 Only use eth1 interface on the controller if it exists 1 year ago
  Mark Goddard 54c2f06d7a Use default value for controller_bootstrap_user 1 year ago
  Mark Goddard d3c1c01b6f Synchronise configuration with kayobe 3.1.0 1 year ago
  Mark Goddard c1ae6b31b1
Merge pull request #1 from stackhpc/dev-config-mk-1 1 year ago
  Mark Goddard 663bf95e4c Synchronise with kayobe @ bb22c94067b281ceec362061dd72c20d18342ab5 1 year ago
  Mark Goddard cec52ed9d8 Synchronise configuration with kayobe @ 610c8a9566e73524f59cf781c09108fb90a0c3bd 1 year ago
  Mark Goddard f129b07372 Add development environment configuration, imported from kayobe 1 year ago
  Mark Goddard dd942ed498 Update kayobe-env for new recommended directory structure 1 year ago
  Mark Goddard 1ae9f9ed76 Add enable flags for pike services 1 year ago
  Mark Goddard b8fc530c91 Synchronise with stable/ocata 1 year ago
  Mark Goddard 88dfc10bca Add ansible issue 30350 workaround for users.yml 1 year ago
  Mark Goddard e3468c1b27 Synchronise configuration with master 1 year ago
  Mark Goddard d8576563b4 Synchronise configuration with kayobe 1 year ago
  Mark Goddard e7ea2d5e4c Synchronise configuration with kayobe 1.0.0 1 year ago
  Mark Goddard f7967972c5 Add kayobe blurb to README 2 years ago