45 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Mark Goddard 6954eeb5cc Synchronise with kayobe-config for Rocky 2 months ago
  Will Szumski f724bd8ac2 Use TinyIPA deployment images 6 months ago
  Will Szumski 0c95ebcfd0 Add a neutron allocation pool 6 months ago
  Mark Goddard 6e4642a200 Synchronise with kayobe-config for Queens 6 months ago
  Mark Goddard 5815aa7332 Use virtualenv_path to set ansible_python_interpreter 7 months ago
  Mark Goddard ad54510e35 Add Zuul configuration, fix Gerrit repo 7 months ago
  Mark Goddard 5bcad3c90e Use only a single worker process 7 months ago
  Will Miller 48eda02b3d Use overlay Docker storage for seed CI 8 months ago
  Mark Goddard f3aac5c4d0 Add tox.ini with pep8 environment that runs yamllint 11 months ago
  Mark Goddard b348935c3d Use a virtual environment for remote operations 11 months ago
  Mark Goddard 256ef9619d Synchronise with kayobe @ 1c976bc125 11 months ago
  Mark Goddard 35dc9476d7 Use QEMU for virtualised compute 1 year ago
  Mark Goddard 724cdb6858 Enable virtualised compute in overcloud 1 year ago
  Mark Goddard 3fabd8e9cf Add support for a seed host 1 year ago
  Nick Jones 9e42ca5a07
Override Kolla-Ansible and set the default Keystone token format to Fernet 1 year ago
  Mark Goddard 460156556d Sync groups file with upstream kayobe 1 year ago
  Mark Goddard ce3b303321 Only use eth1 interface on the controller if it exists 1 year ago
  Mark Goddard 54c2f06d7a Use default value for controller_bootstrap_user 1 year ago
  Mark Goddard d3c1c01b6f Synchronise configuration with kayobe 3.1.0 1 year ago
  Mark Goddard 663bf95e4c Synchronise with kayobe @ bb22c94067 1 year ago
  Mark Goddard cec52ed9d8 Synchronise configuration with kayobe @ 610c8a9566 1 year ago
  Mark Goddard f129b07372 Add development environment configuration, imported from kayobe 1 year ago
  Mark Goddard 1ae9f9ed76 Add enable flags for pike services 1 year ago
  Mark Goddard b8fc530c91 Synchronise with stable/ocata 1 year ago
  Mark Goddard 88dfc10bca Add ansible issue 30350 workaround for users.yml 1 year ago
  Mark Goddard e3468c1b27 Synchronise configuration with master 1 year ago
  Mark Goddard d8576563b4 Synchronise configuration with kayobe 1 year ago
  Mark Goddard e7ea2d5e4c Synchronise configuration with kayobe 1.0.0 1 year ago
  Mark Goddard a6e16046ba Remove switch interfaces group variables file - now in playbook group vars 2 years ago
  Mark Goddard 449621a734 Synchronise configuration file defaults with kayobe 2 years ago
  Mark Goddard 8cd241e28e Add inspector.yml config file 2 years ago
  Mark Goddard 7b495eb15e Rename of seed bootstrap user 2 years ago
  Mark Goddard 41fac7e599 Improve network role comments, add veth and OVS interface name config 2 years ago
  Mark Goddard 6abaaec1c3 Add configuration of LVM for controllers 2 years ago
  Mark Goddard ae38a5c5b3 Add variables for Bifrost source install 2 years ago
  Mark Goddard 680cc291a1 Add default configuration for switch interfaces 2 years ago
  Mark Goddard 0c9518d9ec Add per-role network configuration variables 2 years ago
  Mark Goddard 0543dc50fb Add docker configuration 2 years ago
  Mark Goddard e233e8e7f3 Add seed LVM configuration 2 years ago
  Mark Goddard 24261b89a8 Add bifrost inspector variables 2 years ago
  Mark Goddard 3223a1236f Add bifrost config for inspector 2 years ago
  Mark Goddard 3d91705c97 Add Kolla source and namespace configuration 2 years ago
  Mark Goddard ac1131a17d Add kolla-ansible Ocata split support & custom passwords 2 years ago
  Mark Goddard 74dc27ae31 Initial commit of Kayobe configuration files 2 years ago