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  Kevin Tibi b8305b1799 Add commands to run command on hosts 8 months ago
  Will Szumski 84172bfbe0 Support complete installation of Kayobe as a python package 3 months ago
  Mark Goddard 6496af1f67 Add kayobe seed service upgrade command 5 months ago
  Vieri 6bd3001863 Change openstack-dev to openstack-discuss 4 months ago
  Will Szumski 4867c91481 Add commands to enable and disable the serial console 5 months ago
  Will Szumski f8068a29a5 Summary should be a one liner 5 months ago
  Mark Goddard 1b5d05dc2e Update ironic IPA deployment images 1 year ago
  Mark Goddard 491ed919d6 Add commands to update packages on hosts 8 months ago
  jacky06 058a3e10eb Add necessary _ for setup.cfg 9 months ago
  Will Szumski 05dfcc8199 Adds new command to rename baremetal compute nodes 10 months ago
  Mark Goddard dbc1f26848 Follow the new PTI for document build 1 year ago
  Mark Goddard 64f502fe85 Update README & CONTRIBUTING for OpenStack process 1 year ago
  Mark Goddard 1579dc6c41 Use pbr to build the project 1 year ago
  Mark Goddard 61f7f804cb Expand documentation and change to sphinx from MarkDown 2 years ago