26 Commits (master)

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  OpenDev Sysadmins a65511a3d8 OpenDev Migration Patch 19 hours ago
  Mark Goddard eda8246b7b Use master version of dependencies 1 year ago
  Mark Goddard 4f5e87dbf2 Update release notes for stable/rocky 2 months ago
  Mark Goddard 7593a8b925 Test upgrading seed services in CI 5 months ago
  Mark Goddard 09bcc6f28d Make seed deploy job voting again 4 months ago
  Mark Goddard 0e329810a6 Bump zuul job timeouts 4 months ago
  Will Miller d0e9c50fd2 Add tenks-deploy.sh dev script 7 months ago
  Mark Goddard 935d3cef6a Update dependencies to Rocky 1 year ago
  Mark Goddard 6266312fa1 Test upgrades in CI 8 months ago
  Mark Goddard 1244dc79b5 Improve irrelevant-files for Zuul jobs 5 months ago
  Mark Goddard 01a00ec569 Add a zuul template to update readthedocs 6 months ago
  Andreas Jaeger 9f3e8997fa Cleanup zuul jobs 6 months ago
  Mark Goddard dd9266f5b8 Include kayobe in zuul project list 6 months ago
  Mark Goddard f7badb2b37 Use openstack-hosted development config 7 months ago
  Mark Goddard 7ad3be5351 Add kolla project dependencies to Zuul configuration 9 months ago
  Mark Goddard 1c376f071e Build release notes using reno 11 months ago
  Mark Goddard f86c0ff48f Use queens version of dependencies 1 year ago
  Mark Goddard d385b32382 Add CI job for molecule tests 1 year ago
  Mark Goddard cd6c366cc6 Add a job for seed deployment 1 year ago
  Mark Goddard 4cdf71f5a1 Add overcloud deployment job 1 year ago
  Mark Goddard 048fd82bef Use stestr for running unit tests, add a coverage environment 1 year ago
  Mark Goddard ab5938065f Fix py35 python tests 1 year ago
  Mark Goddard dc71c91d73 Add initial in-repo Zuul jobs 1 year ago