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  OpenDev Sysadmins 0eb20814ad OpenDev Migration Patch 1 month ago
  Cyril Roelandt 4ea779429a .coveragerc: Change ignore-errors to ignore_errors 3 years ago
  Jenkins 2d1a47f6fd Merge "New Horizon Dashboard plugin for Kiloeyes Metrics" 3 years ago
  Xiao Tan b536e94286 Ceilometer Meter Query and Aggregation Implemented 3 years ago
  Jenkins 18ad81cb4b Merge "Sample Get and Get-by-id implemented" 3 years ago
  Vishnu Govindaraj a72e031506 New Horizon Dashboard plugin for Kiloeyes Metrics 3 years ago
  Xiao Tan 91e54b3388 Sample Get and Get-by-id implemented 3 years ago
  Samir Borle 42c9103eb3 Implemented middleware to augment POSTed metrics with keystone metadata 3 years ago
  Tong Li fbfa441d1f make the setup_metrics configurable 3 years ago
  Xiao Tan 2e0a2a5e1a Meter Get Statistics by name implemented 3 years ago
  Xiao Tan f3dada5dd2 Meter Get_Meter_Byname implemented 3 years ago
  xiaotan2 7c0766d455 Meters GET request implemented. 3 years ago
  Tong Li b9131a526a Added more instructions on how to configure keystone middleware 3 years ago
  Tong Li e1c3aa1b0c move up one more dependencies 3 years ago
  Tong Li 62381080f0 Move to the same level of dependencies as other openstack project. 3 years ago
  Tong Li f10cb11b7d Added more functions for the vagrant sub project 3 years ago
  Tong Li 0da86295b8 Move out the binary files folder out of the project. 3 years ago
  Tong Li 771e4b5a28 Restructure the vagrant scripts and fix a dependency error 3 years ago
  Jenkins 3df93aa053 Merge "Changed vagrant file so that installation can be easier" 3 years ago
  Tong Li 1eeb1de33a Changed vagrant file so that installation can be easier 3 years ago
  Andreas Jaeger 00a66d744a Remove sphinx requires from test-requirements 3 years ago
  Tong Li b540bbb550 Reformat the readme.MD file and update the listOpt in kafka_conn.py 3 years ago
  Tong Li a731b9f649 Make sure that the index field mapping is correct 3 years ago
  Tong Li d8f3f770e4 ES now returns timestamp as milliseconds vs seconds 3 years ago
  Tong Li b93ded41ed enable bulk message post on persister 3 years ago
  Tong Li 8c25b2db61 Added more instructions 3 years ago
  Tong Li 4eae981b79 bulk insert can not be done implicitly 3 years ago
  Tong Li 15d8569019 fix the partitions data type error 3 years ago
  Tong Li 0f9b0e8e57 Updated the installation instructions 3 years ago
  Tong Li a27f275f51 added more instruction on how to create an all-in-one kiloeyes 3 years ago
  Jenkins 26f3eb0484 Merge "Add Vagrant sample file to ease development environment bootstrap." 3 years ago
  Jiaming Lin 9accbeecd0 unit test passed for py27 3 years ago
  Chang-Yi Lee 01f82de3f2 Add Vagrant sample file to ease development environment bootstrap. 3 years ago
  Tong Li fb786600f4 Make the server more flexible with configuration files 3 years ago
  Tong Li 207c762df6 remove old openstack incubator project reference 3 years ago
  Tong Li 62a45027b8 remove old oslo.config and use new oslo_config 3 years ago
  spzala 62ee7abadd Make minor modifications in the README 3 years ago
  Tong Li 163c121232 seeding the project 3 years ago
  OpenStack Project Creator 4f5481d09f Added .gitreview 3 years ago