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rbalasun cf0219961b Added counter for volume creation 2 years ago
ahothan ee744e7ca7 Add unit testing to kb_config 2 years ago
ahothan 1316bd443d Migrate code to python3/Ubuntu 20.04 2 years ago
Yichen Wang de38fad996 Fix compability issue for adding floating ip to VM 4 years ago
ahothan 1d7e405274 Remove publish-to-pypi as it stays in project-config 4 years ago
ahothan 0ec39ec1d0 Fix git URL to use opendev repo 4 years ago
ahothan 0c81e7c385 Fix rtd, add zuul.yaml, update REST doc 4 years ago
Yichen Wang 1da3c08594 Enhancements networking support of storage testing 4 years ago
OpenDev Sysadmins 3466504541 OpenDev Migration Patch 4 years ago
melissaml e31d4b5513 Change openstack-dev to openstack-discuss 4 years ago
zhouxinyong ed43284048 Optimizing the safety of the http link site in README.rst. 4 years ago
melissaml 2ce398100a Update the outdated URL 4 years ago
REDDY, CHINASUBBA 367e44bddd make proxy falvor configurable like other flavors 5 years ago
ahothan 1f0b0963b9 Fix dib issue with missing block-device element 5 years ago
ahothan cae5f726df Add support for configurable redis server ready timeout 5 years ago
ahothan 8c52aa0e06 Fix web UI crash 5 years ago
ahothan fc42153774 Fix failure to add static route in http client VM 5 years ago
Ajay Kalambur ed33269ba4 Support for cinder volume_type 5 years ago
ahothan e9da263ae9 Fix keystone v3 issue with Queens 5 years ago
ahothan 4a0f595d02 Fix build issue caused by pip error (10.0.1) 5 years ago
XiaojueGuan 295edde7ce Trivial: update url to new url 5 years ago
mortenhillbom 41bbf14620 Add fio cpu data to result json file 5 years ago
Kerim Gokarslan 51962aa0f1 Add TSDB plugin including Prometheus 5 years ago
ahothan 753eb84b2b Add --interactive 5 years ago
Nguyen Hung Phuong 668dd098a4 Replaces yaml.load() with yaml.safe_load() 5 years ago
ahothan f984115a53 Do not use python-novaclient 10.0.0 or higher (floating ip api removed) 5 years ago
ahothan 03ede6ffc8 Fix TypeError exception on 5 years ago
ahothan 4c5472351a Fix "Error parsing the configuration file" when using -c and cli 5 years ago
ahothan 063eafebd8 Fix css URL breakage and upgrade to bootstrap 3.3.7 5 years ago
Yichen Wang 8653294867 Fix the API which breaks the UI login 5 years ago
Yichen Wang fa59993e87 Move image into kloudbuster, and include it in PIP 5 years ago
ahothan b22f59b8c9 Fix quota calculation for storage test [bug 1715333] 5 years ago
ahothan 04552424c8 Fix bug/1715127 kb_start_server fails on import error 5 years ago
Yichen Wang 8047c1fba3 Multiple small fixes 5 years ago
ahothan 4045f52b91 update README.rst version 5 years ago
ahothan 8f892eaeeb Include VM image in contaimer 5 years ago
ahothan fc6f828521 Major cleanup + fix quota update on proper tenant 6 years ago
Yichen Wang 4db46e2915 Fix to use the new NOVA API to find images 6 years ago
janbalaz 8bbd410cdb fix security groups removed from novaclient 6 years ago
ahothan 7f3f6ab12b Use keystone client v2 6 years ago
ahothan 4b66bf34d9 Fix credentials for force_cleanup, fix issue loading openrc variables from env with identity API v2 6 years ago
ahothan 3e0531a436 Fix duplicate run at 1 vm in iteration when multiple is set to 1 6 years ago
ahothan a421483613 json to chart: Add support for no-limit storage run results 6 years ago
ahothan ccb21107ed Migrate to keystoneauth1 and cinder v2 APIs 6 years ago
Yichen Wang 859b2ad3c5 Fix to accommodate the latest oslo_config change 6 years ago
Yichen Wang 48b43ac460 Fix KloudBuster to support recent keystone v3 change 6 years ago
Yichen Wang 622a3d6cab Remove unnecessary settings when building KB image 6 years ago
Yichen Wang 5e00ff9fbc Update KloudBuster image to base on Ubuntu Xenial 6 years ago
Yichen Wang 880807e455 Add support for keystone v3 6 years ago
Jenkins 7a76c470fa Merge "Add E123,E125 check and Solve several problems" 6 years ago