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  OpenDev Sysadmins 9741d1d5ca OpenDev Migration Patch 2 months ago
  Jeremy Stanley 0bf504066f Update .gitreview for new namespace 3 years ago
  Timur Sufiev d6e2842979 Remove 'type' attribute from <typed-field> 3 years ago
  Timur Sufiev c25b7d8507 Use standard modelMixin instead of fields.wildcard 3 years ago
  Timur Sufiev 950164bbc1 Remove obsolete 'group' mixin files and references 3 years ago
  Timur Sufiev b9e6ccb3ea Initial import of data schema from Rackspace HotBuilder 3 years ago
  Timur Sufiev 7fc50585be Start developing HOT Builder on Merlin 4 years ago
  Jenkins 5ee471c930 Merge "Add patched version of angular-ui bootstrap lib" 3 years ago
  Paul Karikh 56b360126a Add patched version of angular-ui bootstrap lib 4 years ago
  Jenkins 97c5fd246b Merge "Rewrite <labeled> directive to render editable labels" 3 years ago
  Jenkins ec9b892de4 Merge "Refactor templates to make them composable" 3 years ago
  Timur Sufiev 7021718ab2 Rewrite <labeled> directive to render editable labels 3 years ago
  Timur Sufiev f605ff7b8c Refactor templates to make them composable 3 years ago
  Jenkins 8fd73d4a3a Merge "Use eslint-config-openstack" 3 years ago
  Timur Sufiev e17565a708 Change location of symlink to bower_components 3 years ago
  Michael Krotscheck 4018c61252 Use eslint-config-openstack 3 years ago
  Timur Sufiev d82d48453f Add Mistral js files to linter and fix linting errors 3 years ago
  Vlad Okhrimenko ac6336b5e2 Change code to satisfy new ESLint checks 4 years ago
  Jenkins 6062444015 Merge "Added JS Linting via ESlint" 4 years ago
  Jenkins f83bf54fa9 Merge "Add FAQ and glossary" 4 years ago
  Paul Karikh bf942fef1c Add FAQ and glossary 4 years ago
  Michael Krotscheck b890c88fc1 Added JS Linting via ESlint 4 years ago
  Timur Sufiev a4e2892dc0 Rename unit-test files from *Spec.js to *.spec.js 4 years ago
  Timur Sufiev a5c1c308cf Decouple @enum and drop-down widget 4 years ago
  Timur Sufiev 7ccf4f0dd3 Rewrite WB Action->Base to use @ref facility 4 years ago
  Timur Sufiev d5d9321eca Fill Merlin filters unit-test suite with actual code 4 years ago
  Jenkins 3164f4c4a6 Merge "Cover with tests remaining non-trivial utility functions" 4 years ago
  Timur Sufiev 0e2d1c21f8 Cover with tests remaining non-trivial utility functions 4 years ago
  Jenkins 381b42aeec Merge "Field 'version' has to be string" 4 years ago
  Jenkins a08c69b0d2 Merge "Fix changing the key in dictionary widget" 4 years ago
  Vlad Okhrimenko 9a65264c27 Field 'version' has to be string 4 years ago
  Timur Sufiev df533b33c1 Fix changing the key in dictionary widget 4 years ago
  Michael Krotscheck 4beaf29f6e Added test execution in Firefox. 4 years ago
  Michael Krotscheck fc2f3628e4 Added test execution in Chromium. 4 years ago
  Michael Krotscheck 3148fc8903 Removed fuzzy dependencies. 4 years ago
  Michael Krotscheck bc207adde8 Bound karma execution to `npm run test` 4 years ago
  Timur Sufiev bcc69f218d Restrict existing Action/Workflow to the existing ones 4 years ago
  Jenkins 854304924f Merge "No need to use disableDefaultClickBehaviour" 4 years ago
  Vlad Okhrimenko 7c09eb5fb5 No need to use disableDefaultClickBehaviour 4 years ago
  Timur Sufiev 30c615bf9b Remove explicit type from Task snippet in the YAML template 4 years ago
  daniel-a-nguyen 515eaf0892 Added some minor fixes to documentation. 4 years ago
  Jenkins f0023b100f Merge "Provide 'validatable-with' directive" 4 years ago
  Timur Sufiev 2079195f7b Provide 'validatable-with' directive 4 years ago
  Jenkins b6367982a5 Merge "Move auto-completion machinery into a separate directive" 4 years ago
  Timur Sufiev 4669e42341 Move auto-completion machinery into a separate directive 4 years ago
  Timur Sufiev 13bdf82d8d Well, the last fix to the deployment instructions :) 4 years ago
  Timur Sufiev 5dbf8b89e6 A small fix inside instructions about Merlin deployment 4 years ago
  Timur Sufiev 40da59b6b2 Update instructions about Merlin deployment 4 years ago
  Michael Krotscheck 54b30e5bab Added npm run test-unit to merlin's package.json file 4 years ago
  Timur Sufiev d9f94958c2 Add stub api calls for Mistral server integration 4 years ago