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Update patch set 2

Patch Set 2:

Build FAILURE by Canonical OpenStack Charm CI.

Re-test comment options:

- 'recheck' (run/re-run the default upstream and charm test sets)
- 'charm-recheck' (run/re-run the default charm verify test set) with Jenkins and Zuul
- 'zosci-recheck' (run/re-run the default charm verify test set) with only Zuul

For more info, see and

- openstack-tox-linters : SUCCESS in 3m 54s
- microstack-bionic : TIMED_OUT in 2h 01m 00s
- microstack-focal finger://juju-22c89a-zuul-4.project.serverstack/40466c569aa54bea85aa090429690be9 : CANCELED in 2h 00m 15s

Patch-set: 2
Gerrit User 20648 2 months ago
committed by Gerrit Code Review

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