OpenStack in a snap!
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set -ex
export PATH=/snap/bin:$PATH
export http_proxy HTTP_PROXY https_proxy HTTPS_PROXY
sudo apt update
# install Firefox which will be used for Web UI testing in a headless mode.
sudo apt install -y firefox-geckodriver python3-petname python3-selenium
# Setup snapd and snapcraft
# Install snapd if it isn't installed yet (needed to install the snapd snap itself).
sudo apt install -y snapd
sudo snap install snapd
sudo snap install --classic snapcraft
# Purge the LXD apt package in case it is still there.
sudo apt purge -y lxd lxd-client
sudo snap install lxd
sudo usermod -a -G lxd ${USER}
# Since the current shell does not have the lxd group gid, use newgrp.
newgrp lxd << END
set -ex
lxd init --auto
snapcraft --use-lxd --http-proxy=$HTTP_PROXY --https-proxy=$HTTPS_PROXY
# Delete the build container to free the storage space on a test node.
lxc delete snapcraft-microstack