Pete Vander Giessen 5404a261aa Clustering prototype
This enables basic clustering functionality. We add:

tools/cluster/cluster/daemon.py: A server that handles validation of
cluster passwords.

tools/cluster/cluster/client.py: A client for this server.

Important Note: This prototype does not support TLS, and the
functionality in the client and server is basic. Before we roll
clustering out to production, we need to have those two chat over TLS,
and be much more careful about verifying credentials.

Also included ...

Various fixes and changes to the init script and config templates to
support cluster configuration, and allow for the fact that we may have
endpoint references for two network ips.

Updates to snapcraft.yaml, adding the new tooling.

A more formalized config infrastructure. It's still a TODO to move the
specification out of the implicit definition in the install hook, and
into a nice, explicit, well documented yaml file.

Added nesting to the Question classes in the init script, as well as
strings pointing at config keys, rather than having the config be
implicitly indicated by the Question subclass' name. (This allows us
to put together a config spec that doesn't require the person reading
the spec to understand what Questions are, and how they are

Renamed and unified the "unit" and "lint" tox environments, to allow
for the multiple Python tools that we want to lint and test.

Added hooks in the init script to make it possible to do automated
testing, and added an automated test for a cluster. Run with "tox -e

Added cirros image to snap, to work around sporadic issues downloading
it from download.cirros.net.

Removed ping logic from snap, to workaround failures in gate. Need to
add it back in once we fix them.

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2019-11-04 13:03:41 +00:00
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