OpenStack in a snap!
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# Tweaks to make this run nicely in a snap.
# We don't want django to try writing the secret key before we've told
# it not to attempt to write it out in the read only snap dir in our
# So we override the behavior of the default
# here.
SECRET_KEY = "overridethis!"
# Django wants to write out compressed files even when we turn
# compression off (either a bug or something that I'm not
# understanding). Tell it to write them some place writeable.
STATIC_ROOT = '/var/snap/microstack/common/var/horizon/static'
# Disable extra themes for now. TODO: Re-enable when
# is
# addressed. (You'll need to uncomment the material theme below when testing
# the fix.)
('default', 'Default', 'themes/default'),
# ('material', 'Material', 'themes/material'),