OpenStack in a snap!
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# This is a script that helps test configure and install hook commands,
# without the need to rebuild the snap with each change. It works in
# concert with a "configure-the-things" app in the snap, which will
# find and run this script if you put it in the right place.
# To use this script:
# 1) Install microstack on a machine
# 2) Copy (or symlink) this script into
# /var/snap/microstack/common/bin/
# 3) Run microstack.configure-the-things
set -ex
MYSQL_PASSWORD=fnord # TODO use snapctl
MYSQL_TMP_PASSWORD=`sudo cat /var/snap/microstack/common/log/error.log | grep "temporary password" | cut -d " " -f11`
echo "ALTER USER 'root'@'' IDENTIFIED BY 'fnord';" | microstack.mysql-client -u root -p"$MYSQL_TMP_PASSWORD" --connect-expired-password
echo "CREATE DATABASE IF NOT EXISTS keystone; GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON keystone.* TO 'keystone'@'' IDENTIFIED BY 'keystone';" | sudo microstack.mysql-client -u root -p"$MYSQL_PASSWORD"
sudo microstack.keystone-manage fernet_setup --keystone-user root --keystone-group root
sudo microstack.keystone-manage db_sync
sudo systemctl restart snap.microstack.*
microstack.openstack user show admin || {
sudo microstack.keystone-manage bootstrap \
--bootstrap-password $OS_PASSWORD \
--bootstrap-admin-url \
--bootstrap-internal-url \
--bootstrap-public-url \
--bootstrap-region-id microstack
microstack.openstack project show service || {
microstack.openstack project create --domain default --description "Service Project" service