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  OpenDev Sysadmins 75824add70 OpenDev Migration Patch 7 hours ago
  Ian Wienand 0a10477cca Replace openstack.org git:// URLs with https:// 3 weeks ago
  Jeremy Liu cdb650b169 Drop MANIFEST.in - it's not needed by pbr 1 year ago
  Zhenguo Niu e7cb2da51e Change to use .html for flavor disks and nics 1 year ago
  Jenkins 3d70d14eab Merge "Add console support" 1 year ago
  Zhenguo Niu 0e4b38ffaf Add console support 1 year ago
  Zhenguo Niu fa24481e55 Show flavor details on servers launching 1 year ago
  Zhenguo Niu 55cb393e1d Show full flavor with server 1 year ago
  Zhenguo Niu 398e11dc71 Move project panels to new project dir 1 year ago
  Zhenguo Niu 60c1be6150 Add Server Reboot/Soft Reboot actions 1 year ago
  Zhenguo Niu b05a0bc9fb Add Start/Stop server support 1 year ago
  Zhenguo Niu 28d3218d54 Add server ips column 1 year ago
  Zhenguo Niu 2519df8e34 Fix no availability zone error 1 year ago
  Jenkins 93c7ad5f5b Merge "Launch server workflow support" 1 year ago
  Zhenguo Niu 4675b59a28 Launch server workflow support 1 year ago
  Zhenguo Niu 1f892d2c0d Fix server get exception when deleting 1 year ago
  Zhenguo Niu 7e7fe5ccde Add mogan exceptions 1 year ago
  Zhenguo Niu 01bcae5fcd Fix delete action allow check 1 year ago
  Zhenguo Niu 3333cf0194 Add keypairs panel 1 year ago
  Jenkins 1e363adb5f Merge "Add delete server action" 1 year ago
  Zhenguo Niu bccd60182d Add delete server action 1 year ago
  Zhenguo Niu 70af5a07aa Add server details link 1 year ago
  Zhenguo Niu 79b15f8353 Add servers table filter action 1 year ago
  Zhenguo Niu 3bfd13cc20 Add more columns to server table 1 year ago
  Zhenguo Niu a8af4b2972 Add Servers table 1 year ago
  Zhenguo Niu d60f86eff8 Fix enabled panel error 2 years ago
  Zhenguo Niu 78a9fac756 Rename instances panel to servers 2 years ago
  Jenkins 13c9446633 Merge "Add bare metal servers content" 2 years ago
  Zhenguo Niu 43a5eedf8f Add bare metal servers content 2 years ago
  Zhenguo Niu 27136db585 Add devstack plugin 2 years ago
  Zhenguo Niu e6637a8135 Add enabled panel and panelgroup 2 years ago
  Zhenguo Niu 08bf0b6d85 Add servers list API 2 years ago
  Zhenguo Niu de8575d0d7 Remove egg-info* 2 years ago
  Zhenguo Niu 6177b74d08 Initial import 2 years ago
  OpenStack Project Creator 80880998b1 Added .gitreview 2 years ago