Remove legacy auth loading

remove support for specifying client auth in keystone_authtoken config section.
This was deprecated about a year ago and now can safely be removed.

This change reference to the ironic patch[1]


Change-Id: I9d22dd41e603e618230e656e91496462bde1c0e0
liusheng 2017-07-29 16:20:45 +08:00
parent b58a2d26fc
commit 4a5cae0377
3 changed files with 11 additions and 90 deletions

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@ -17,34 +17,14 @@ from keystoneauth1 import exceptions as kaexception
from keystoneauth1 import loading as kaloading
from oslo_log import log as logging
import six
from six.moves.urllib import parse # for legacy options loading only
from mogan.common import exception
from mogan.common.i18n import _
from mogan.conf import auth as mogan_auth
from mogan.conf import CONF
LOG = logging.getLogger(__name__)
# FIXME(pas-ha): for backward compat with legacy options loading only
def _is_apiv3(auth_url, auth_version):
"""Check if V3 version of API is being used or not.
This method inspects auth_url and auth_version, and checks whether V3
version of the API is being used or not.
When no auth_version is specified and auth_url is not a versioned
endpoint, v2.0 is assumed.
:param auth_url: a http or https url to be inspected (like
:param auth_version: a string containing the version (like 'v2', 'v3.0')
or None
:returns: True if V3 of the API is being used.
return auth_version == 'v3.0' or '/v3' in parse.urlparse(auth_url).path
def ks_exceptions(f):
"""Wraps keystoneclient functions and centralizes exception handling."""
@ -70,41 +50,20 @@ def ks_exceptions(f):
def get_session(group):
auth = mogan_auth.load_auth(CONF, group) or _get_legacy_auth()
if not auth:
msg = _("Failed to load auth from either [%(new)s] or [%(old)s] "
"config sections.")
raise exception.ConfigInvalid(message=msg, new=group,
auth = kaloading.load_auth_from_conf_options(CONF, group)
except kaexception.MissingRequiredOptions:
LOG.error('Failed to load auth plugin from group %s', group)
session = kaloading.load_session_from_conf_options(
CONF, group, auth=auth)
return session
# FIXME(pas-ha) remove legacy path after deprecation
def _get_legacy_auth():
"""Load auth from keystone_authtoken config section
Used only to provide backward compatibility with old configs.
conf = getattr(CONF, mogan_auth.LEGACY_SECTION)
legacy_loader = kaloading.get_plugin_loader('password')
auth_params = {
'auth_url': conf.auth_uri,
'username': conf.admin_user,
'password': conf.admin_password,
'tenant_name': conf.admin_tenant_name
api_v3 = _is_apiv3(conf.auth_uri, conf.auth_version)
if api_v3:
# NOTE(pas-ha): mimic defaults of keystoneclient
'project_domain_id': 'default',
'user_domain_id': 'default',
return legacy_loader.load_from_options(**auth_params)
# TODO(pas-ha) we actually should barely need this at all:
# if we instantiate a identity.Token auth plugin from incoming
# request context we could build a session with it, and each client
# would know its service_type already, looking up the endpoint by itself
def get_service_url(session, service_type='baremetal_compute',

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@ -14,30 +14,7 @@
import copy
from keystoneauth1 import exceptions as kaexception
from keystoneauth1 import loading as kaloading
from oslo_config import cfg
LEGACY_SECTION = 'keystone_authtoken'
'certfile': [cfg.DeprecatedOpt('certfile', LEGACY_SECTION)],
'keyfile': [cfg.DeprecatedOpt('keyfile', LEGACY_SECTION)],
'cafile': [cfg.DeprecatedOpt('cafile', LEGACY_SECTION)],
'insecure': [cfg.DeprecatedOpt('insecure', LEGACY_SECTION)],
'timeout': [cfg.DeprecatedOpt('timeout', LEGACY_SECTION)],
# FIXME(pas-ha) remove import of auth_token section after deprecation period
cfg.CONF.import_group(LEGACY_SECTION, 'keystonemiddleware.auth_token')
def load_auth(conf, group):
auth = kaloading.load_auth_from_conf_options(conf, group)
except kaexception.MissingRequiredOptions:
auth = None
return auth
def register_auth_opts(conf, group):
@ -46,8 +23,7 @@ def register_auth_opts(conf, group):
Registers only basic auth options shared by all auth plugins.
The rest are registered at runtime depending on auth plugin used.
conf, group, deprecated_opts=OLD_SESSION_OPTS)
kaloading.register_session_conf_options(conf, group)
kaloading.register_auth_conf_options(conf, group)
@ -58,6 +34,7 @@ def add_auth_opts(options):
this adds options for most used auth_plugins
when generating sample config.
def add_options(opts, opts_to_add):
for new_opt in opts_to_add:
for opt in opts:

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@ -12,7 +12,6 @@
# License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations
# under the License.
from keystoneauth1 import identity as kaidentity
from keystoneauth1 import loading as kaloading
from oslo_config import cfg
@ -54,17 +53,3 @@ class AuthConfTestCase(base.TestCase):
'tenant_name', 'project_name', 'trust_id',
'domain_id', 'user_domain_id', 'project_domain_id'}
def test_load_auth(self):
auth = mogan_auth.load_auth(self.cfg_fixture.conf, self.test_group)
# NOTE(pas-ha) 'password' auth_plugin is used
self.assertIsInstance(auth, kaidentity.generic.password.Password)
self.assertEqual('', auth.auth_url)
def test_load_auth_missing_options(self):
# NOTE(pas-ha) 'password' auth_plugin is used,
# so when we set the required auth_url to None,
# MissingOption is raised
self.config(auth_url=None, group=self.test_group)
self.cfg_fixture.conf, self.test_group))