[Devstack] Update the flavor resource parameter

As the client changed to use resources from resource, need to update
the parameter in devstack to make the gate happy.

Change-Id: I610b3f242863ac453c139c2762a9f9af03f0f4eb
Depends-On: I6d41d02b5ec1881d662a578a1380a223a27df055
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Zhenguo Niu 2017-09-14 18:33:41 +08:00
parent 766e41cfb7
commit b6900f0cc2
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@ -198,7 +198,7 @@ function create_flavor {
description="CPU: ${ironic_node_cpu}, RAM: ${ironic_node_ram}MB, DISK: ${ironic_node_disk}GB"
openstack baremetalcompute flavor create ${name} --description "${description}" --resources $IRONIC_DEFAULT_RESOURCE_CLASS=1
openstack baremetalcompute flavor create ${name} --description "${description}" --resource $IRONIC_DEFAULT_RESOURCE_CLASS=1