49 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Zhenguo Niu b6900f0cc2 [Devstack] Update the flavor resource parameter 1 year ago
  Zhenguo Niu ef30a9ee96 Use new mogan CLI in devstack 1 year ago
  liusheng 76008bda92 Trival-Fix: Correct the placement auth credentials in devstack 1 year ago
  Zhenguo Niu 5bbde9025c Correct placement start order in devstack 1 year ago
  shangxiaobj 0e9933d202 [Trivialfix]Fix typos in mogan 1 year ago
  Zhenguo Niu 6ea13baaff Add placement with mogan devstack plugin 1 year ago
  liusheng 7b5bc65cbc Put the required conditions in appropriate of plugin.sh 1 year ago
  liusheng 80234fadce Support running api under uWSGI 1 year ago
  Zhenguo Niu eb03a5fc98 Update devstack flavor description 1 year ago
  Zhenguo Niu 9a67b9460d Use IRONIC_USE_RESOURCE_CLASSES in devstack plugin 1 year ago
  liusheng ee3c64d77f Reporting nodes resource to placement service 1 year ago
  liusheng f4ca7840c8 Change the glance_api_servers to adapt glance started with uwsgi 1 year ago
  Zhenguo Niu 5a5f22c69f Make `resources` a required field 1 year ago
  Zhenguo Niu 539346c297 Revert "Add more properties to default flavor" 1 year ago
  Zhenguo Niu deb70c7a63 Change to use node resource_class 1 year ago
  Zhenguo Niu 75ecec0ddf Following up patch of f05342bb43 1 year ago
  Zhenguo Niu f05342bb43 Set console url in devstack plugin 1 year ago
  Zhenguo Niu 201d5b85b5 Add more properties to default flavor 1 year ago
  liusheng 7d0f8ab360 Rename instance to server and instance type to flavor 2 years ago
  Zhenguo Niu 963ebcbb19 Remove deprecated ironic options 2 years ago
  Zhenguo Niu 10b28f9d5e Cleanup mogan UI related devstack settings 2 years ago
  Zhenguo Niu 24ef8d2793 Change to use /flavors in URI 2 years ago
  liusheng 42363e9fd4 Enable mogan console services and add description of quick-start 2 years ago
  Zhenguo Niu b4e8c418a2 Split scheduler out of engine service 2 years ago
  Zhenguo Niu 2d26f7d39e Save node resources to DB 2 years ago
  Zhenguo Niu 76ab001973 Rename repo name to mogan in devstack 2 years ago
  liusheng 9b84bac67d Add tempest tests for instance creation 2 years ago
  Zhenguo Niu 7575d1b96e Rename nimble to mogan (4) 2 years ago
  sxmatch ec9b48ad61 Rename nimble to mogan(part one) 2 years ago
  liusheng 83349cff8f Change the command of creating default flavor in devstack plugin 2 years ago
  liusheng b9f4a5bfe1 Use oslo context instead of the native context implementation 2 years ago
  liusheng ef0fc6b7a9 Use the transport_url to replace the rabbitMQ credentials 2 years ago
  liusheng 99bb0b01e7 Use an empty file to be the conf file base 2 years ago
  Zhenguo Niu 0463e4f17c Remove unneeded devstack gate hook script 2 years ago
  liusheng ee58f05964 Remove unnecessary check before creating Nimble endpoints 2 years ago
  Zhenguo Niu 948e0f5758 Add check for specified image in create request 2 years ago
  Zhenguo Niu 7e1a52155e Enable ironic node operations in devstack plugin 2 years ago
  Zhenguo Niu 0551154513 Remove duplicate policy.json file 2 years ago
  Shaohe Feng 0b1c240eef Fix functional gate error 2 years ago
  shihanzhang bc588bf82b Add default instance types and set ironic nodes property 2 years ago
  liusheng 95f0956079 Add gate hooks for functional tests 2 years ago
  Rui Chen f5e9382983 Fix deprecated macro name "SERVICE_TENANT_NAME" 2 years ago
  Rui Chen 173006f85a Fix devstack plugin 2 years ago
  shihanzhang 7ab4cff418 add devstack plugin for nimble 2 years ago