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  Guoqiang Ding 055d1771e7 Fix the misspelling of "availability" 1 year ago
  liusheng ddcdfad9be Add versioned notifications of rebuild server action 1 year ago
  Vu Cong Tuan b341e2e350 Do not use “-y” for package install 1 year ago
  Zhenguo Niu 448556bab0 Remove 'locked' from server object 1 year ago
  Tao Li 8f56c45940 Add multi-tenancy networking local.conf setting 1 year ago
  Xinran 7cd409339f replace "baremetal" with "baremetalcompute" in command line 1 year ago
  liusheng 10c429e08a [DOC] Add contributor guide for versioned notification 1 year ago
  Zhenguo Niu 80377a37d7 [DOC]Add server groups manage docs 1 year ago
  Zhenguo Niu 3091308c90 [DOC] Add node aggregate manage docs 1 year ago
  liusheng f6165ada3e Add more notifications for server create/delete 1 year ago
  Zhenguo Niu 81c47673aa [DOC] Add flavor manage and customize instructions 1 year ago
  Zhenguo Niu 2756cc316f [DOC] Add availability zone docs for users 1 year ago
  Shaohe Feng 6ac0eeaade Doc revise: command create uWSG conf command. 1 year ago
  Zhenguo Niu a428511c5b Add db migration doc 1 year ago
  Zhenguo Niu 0eeffafcf6 Following up patch of bc2fa7229e 1 year ago
  Zhenguo Niu bc2fa7229e Reorganize mogan docs 1 year ago
  Zhenguo Niu b1b58239db [DOC] Add states and transitons diagram 1 year ago
  Zhenguo Niu 2fc089fd74 Revert "Temporarily remove openstackdocs theme" 1 year ago
  Zhenguo Niu d2a25e0488 Add root disk partitions docs 1 year ago
  Zhenguo Niu 169de121cf Add image requirements docs 1 year ago
  Zhenguo Niu 8e7848a63e Address bad indentation in docs 1 year ago
  Zhenguo Niu 17c0cf8daf Temporarily remove openstackdocs theme 1 year ago
  Zhenguo Niu 22969d4c2c Update dev-quickstart doc 1 year ago
  wanghao b710ffcad4 Support Guru in uwsgi way 1 year ago
  liusheng 3e848789b7 Fix uwsgi doc to avoid misunderstanding 1 year ago
  Hangdong Zhang c4c1227349 Update and optimize documentation links 1 year ago
  liusheng 80234fadce Support running api under uWSGI 1 year ago
  Zhenguo Niu 9a67b9460d Use IRONIC_USE_RESOURCE_CLASSES in devstack plugin 1 year ago
  liusheng 80a0749939 Update the quickstart doc about spawning server 1 year ago
  klyang 158d47d017 switch from oslosphinx to openstackdocstheme 1 year ago
  liusheng ffa1089a29 DOCS: add documentation about testing 1 year ago
  Zhenguo Niu b9359ed88c [DOC] Add sample config and policy files to mogan docs 1 year ago
  Zhenguo Niu 725721e3d2 [DOC] Move gmr to Advanced testing and guides section 1 year ago
  Zhenguo Niu 48b8ce5413 Enable ironic-ui in dev-quickstart 1 year ago
  Zhenguo Niu 94a0049235 Update dev doc to include mogan-ui 1 year ago
  Zhenguo Niu 55e5a748d1 Update devstack config file to enable nova* 1 year ago
  liusheng 7d0f8ab360 Rename instance to server and instance type to flavor 2 years ago
  wanghao cf3bcf16b9 Introduce Guru to Mogan 2 years ago
  liusheng 42363e9fd4 Enable mogan console services and add description of quick-start 2 years ago
  Zhenguo Niu 068ba7e5cc Reorganize Mogan docs 2 years ago
  Zhenguo Niu 5ee3a02504 Remove improper docs 2 years ago
  liusheng 3c3bb3cd4f Versioned notification add support for instance.create.start 2 years ago
  liusheng 16c73757de Change all the rest of 'nimble's to 'mogan's 2 years ago
  Zhenguo Niu 7575d1b96e Rename nimble to mogan (4) 2 years ago
  sxmatch 02a6f560f0 Reorganized api-ref folder 2 years ago
  liusheng 61b0b97bf5 Add support for updating instance type 2 years ago
  sxmatch b9a6f065b2 Rename nimble to mogan(part two) 2 years ago
  liusheng b622c198a2 Change "uuid" in instance post request body to "net_id" 2 years ago