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Zuul 47ab4b37fe Merge "Ensure root_gb always in patch params to avoid ValidationError" 2017-11-20 09:29:00 +00:00
zhangjl c8f6ca2c8a Ensure root_gb always in patch params to avoid ValidationError
Accoring [1], the root_gb is required when validating the
node properties. While, in latest mogan codes [2], root_gb
is optional. Then, the ValidationError would occured when
creating baremetal server with mogan.

To fix this problem, ensure root_gb always in patch params.


Change-Id: I99f7a0408c234649fc81482f82018c74781f7a26
Closes-Bug: #1729533
2017-11-02 17:35:17 +08:00
Zhenguo Niu c8755c58ea Add port group mode to manageable servers
Mode of the port group is useful when listing manageable servers.

Change-Id: I5a13aa953e40d49f2d136c7d80de11975b796548
Closes-Bug: #1727895
2017-10-27 10:05:26 +08:00
Zhenguo Niu 511be25834 Show respect to original authors
We copied some codes/frameworks from Nova, but frogot to add
the original file informations, this tries to add them back.

Change-Id: I310d94fc334b6e72dc5eafa316f1b4842066ccbe
2017-09-20 11:16:19 +08:00
Zhenguo Niu 26304c8763 Fix partitions error when pass down to ironic.
Set default preserve_ephemeral parameter, then partitions can be
passed correctly.

Change-Id: Ie353ac2bacb55a69aa4535292d1848dce46a8aa2
2017-09-18 09:55:02 +08:00
Jenkins d45a8de43c Merge "Return node name with server API object" 2017-09-12 04:26:23 +00:00
Jenkins a092b14092 Merge "Check usable portgroups and ports" 2017-09-12 02:48:44 +00:00
Zhenguo Niu a4b1ee741f Return node name with server API object
Currently we support to list compute nodes and aggregate nodes
with names, but server show will return the node uuid always,
which makes the admins have to go to ironic to get the relationship
between name and uuid, so this changes to return node name.

Change-Id: I6f1e5d0f9cfe277fe952d21b38ebfe68dde4f745
Closes-Bug: #1715036
2017-09-11 19:05:09 +08:00
Zhenguo Niu e6481c9204 Check usable portgroups and ports
This tries to check whether the portgroups and ports are usable
before return from driver.

Change-Id: I5766a43f9491e599aa649a03e5c523d72c4980b3
2017-09-11 17:26:45 +08:00
Tao Li 26508fd131 Manage existing BMs: Part-2
Add the adopt baremetal node API.

Change-Id: I1897129930bface6a6c4a179e02d6107ff3811af
Implements: bp manage-existing-bms
2017-09-11 16:57:35 +08:00
Zhenguo Niu 93da16d88f Revert "Return node(name or uuid) with server instead of node_uuid"
This reverts commit 5124ae1d44.

Change-Id: I0ff6f7e22afbe8833bbc6044b8b7f5c768c9b940
2017-09-07 17:29:56 +08:00
Zhenguo Niu 028b28594f Add root disk partitions support
This adds root disk partitons support to allow users to specify
root, ephemeral, and swap size.

Implements: bp root-disk-partitions

Change-Id: I9562f39501c23579ba561f0cd4cbb8ef60674a6b
2017-09-06 17:30:25 +08:00
Zhenguo Niu 7d78b09a01 Add preserve_ephemeral support for rebuilding
Currently we don't support preserving ephemeral partition when
requesting to rebuild, we need to expose the ability to users.

Change-Id: Ia10ab6a8d6dd6beba8837e7d0414dc6984dd2426
Closes-Bug: #1714852
2017-09-06 09:12:40 +08:00
Zhenguo Niu 5124ae1d44 Return node(name or uuid) with server instead of node_uuid
Currently we support to list compute nodes and aggregate nodes
with names, but server show will return the node uuid always,
which make the admins have to go ironic to get the relationship
between name and uuid, so this changes to return node name.

Change-Id: Ia0e5122aa29c4de2e870c5b71c420de49530ba92
Closes-Bug: #1715036
2017-09-05 14:53:54 +08:00
Jenkins 5cd5e24a31 Merge "Return key name with server API" 2017-09-01 02:44:15 +00:00
Xinran 3b026239f9 Return key name with server API
Change-Id: Ia8d7c917afc3bae04997161f8bb55c30cd196d60
Closes-Bug: #1712234
2017-08-31 09:55:16 +00:00
Jenkins e03982d000 Merge "support specifying port_id when attaching interface" 2017-08-30 09:58:03 +00:00
Xinran 817748c6b0 support specifying port_id when attaching interface
Change-Id: I5d3f18a32c357096f5a6090abed1d8d480a93c6f
2017-08-30 15:01:06 +08:00
Zhenguo Niu dead07444c Add socat console support
This adds another serial console type socat support.

Change-Id: Ic443d050790aee2ea2e27daf165310f8e292fda7
Implements: bp socat-console
2017-08-29 17:07:23 +08:00
Jenkins a85fe38f3d Merge "Leverage _detach_interface for destroying networks" 2017-08-28 04:34:04 +00:00
Zhenguo Niu 9b6e5870a3 Leverage _detach_interface for destroying networks
During network task revert, we should unplug vifs as well.

Change-Id: I26b1ba8ffba167683613d901bcbee65fde1f4b2d
Closes-Bug: #1712511
2017-08-26 02:55:59 +00:00
wanghao d577c88d4a Manage existing BMs: Part-1
This patch introduce a new API:
'GET: /manageable_servers' to list the adoptable nodes
from drivers to operators.

As a reference, now we implement api in the Ironic driver.


Implements: bp manage-existing-bms

Change-Id: I56340ce534c3b8d4e855a4c753ecf90a07147d29
2017-08-25 19:42:58 +08:00
Jenkins f0fec1c8ba Merge "Add bad provision states check for nodes" 2017-08-25 11:39:21 +00:00
liusheng 4af91aedb6 Get rid of Ironic state in engine manager layer
This patch change the node state check in resource reporting periodic task
wo use a driver check method.

Change-Id: Ief8b0c75b24e759b5e95f247d73b00a8f267aaf5
Closes-Bug: #1712964
2017-08-25 14:05:27 +08:00
Zhenguo Niu 232db69fbd Add bad provision states check for nodes
Add a bad_provision_states list for normal nodes check, which
only includes ENROLL state.

Change-Id: I842ef532367fc633aea453d60cb0fdeb9f2522bf
2017-08-23 15:22:38 +08:00
Xinran 108348ad41 Specify image when do rebuilding
Implements: bp specify-image-during-rebuilding

Change-Id: I83104f4209eb4f67699ea9a721509f704d232af9
2017-08-18 15:55:34 +08:00
Zhenguo Niu 3a609bab86 Move baremetal dir out from engine
Place baremetal dir like image, network, volume.

Change-Id: Ife8bae10b5f868e397a30ef2e3cc5899976ee5da
2017-08-11 12:55:05 +08:00