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Zhenguo Niu 511be25834 Show respect to original authors
We copied some codes/frameworks from Nova, but frogot to add
the original file informations, this tries to add them back.

Change-Id: I310d94fc334b6e72dc5eafa316f1b4842066ccbe
2017-09-20 11:16:19 +08:00
liusheng 58c3e57af9 Hard code the cache backend and enabled it
It is meaningless that we support config the cache backend manually which
only used in consoleauth.

Change-Id: I0fd5e47b92c2d62a052263e60c90c8caf56915f3
Closes-Bug: #1691408
2017-05-18 17:33:57 +08:00
liusheng 7d0f8ab360 Rename instance to server and instance type to flavor
Change-Id: I35a7fb0b4f3fa9e09f2fc2c739c0a9b39a8576ab
2017-04-28 14:23:22 +08:00
liusheng 71602b04b7 Add rpc api for consoleauth manager
Change-Id: Ieaf42718eae15ea9dbec16e4f35a7e3ecff1c280
Partially-Implements: bp console-support
2017-03-30 14:30:02 +08:00
liusheng 915312e25c Add consoleauth manager
Change-Id: Ifddab90b5e61407a8a12b560738b39fcb5c9780e
Partially-Implements: bp console-support
2017-03-30 14:30:01 +08:00