20 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Pooja Ghumre 84a8238118 Fix select.epoll() not found AttributeError by changing import order 2 years ago
  Blake Covarrubias b38b97f446 Make slashes optional on tenant & instances routes 2 years ago
  Susmitha 0ebba1b510 Changes for reusing nova client in mors 2 years ago
  Kaustubh Phatak 46c6395372 Fixing tenant deletes bug 2 years ago
  Roopak Parikh 3eb6c95424 Adding support for sphinx docs and tox support 2 years ago
  Roopak Parikh e7fb57fee6 Preparing for OpenSource of Mors 2 years ago
  Susmitha 141b307f68 Fix issue with instance lease update when multiple rows present 3 years ago
  Susmitha 2e3869feb2 Changes for restricting instance lease to not exceed tenant lease 3 years ago
  Susmitha 6c79555d56 Fix for IAAS-5523: Lease extension seems to be broken 3 years ago
  Susmitha 1e515759b3 Merge branch 'atherton' of github.com:platform9/pf9-mors into atherton 3 years ago
  Susmitha 49c5977a4a Fix for IAAS-5516, IAAS-5517: get API for mors not returning right value 3 years ago
  Susmitha c80416a6e7 Changing the API default for lease expiry from days to minutes 3 years ago
  Roopak Parikh e1b921999e Fix for IAAS-5476, update for instance lease 3 years ago
  Roopak Parikh 844a2c307f Removing dependency on pf9app 3 years ago
  Roopak Parikh cdb444dc9f Lease handler not deleting some VMs. 3 years ago
  Roopak Parikh 9cf5cc13fe Handling insecure connection 3 years ago
  Roopak Parikh 404d865262 Wrong configuration file location 3 years ago
  Roopak Parikh 684cd9f6ae Fixing a missing file in rpm for pf9-mors 3 years ago
  Roopak Parikh e62bf60096 First version of Mors - Lease Manager 3 years ago
  roopakparikh d09213ac9e Initial commit 3 years ago