18 Commits (master)

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  Robert Putt aa51aa4a59 Add clamav scanning plugin 11 months ago
  Robert Putt ec5932db85 Missing bytes conversion 11 months ago
  Robert Putt 97b054605c Fix error with byte values in EXIF plugin. 1 year ago
  Robert Putt 819c104d9e Add Exif plugin. 1 year ago
  Robert Putt 2341f2acaf Use Oslo Config global CONF object rather than Flask config. 1 year ago
  Robert Putt a001829f55 Update swift / worker base 1 year ago
  Robert Putt 778093da01 Split entrypoints into api and worker for simplicity. 1 year ago
  Robert Putt dae39ef8ae Fix lookup recording of files found with hashes other than sha512. 1 year ago
  Robert Putt 1a4d5d3af1 Add MIME type detection upon upload 1 year ago
  Robert Putt 63dc98c723 Add uber simple Oslo.Messaging notifier for sending messages. 1 year ago
  Robert Putt bb16e13ec1 Upload files sent to API to swift. 1 year ago
  Robert Putt a4ab2d89ca Allow file upload and hash calculation. 1 year ago
  Robert Putt d7efed8c1d Add starter routes and db methods. 1 year ago
  Robert Putt 1836ccbc6b Add basic database model 1 year ago
  Robert Putt 4f46b53a53 Adds Flask Keystone to Nemesis Project 1 year ago
  Robert Putt d78c005ff3 Add flask-oslolog to Nemesis project for logging 2 years ago
  Robert Putt 18632f314d Adding basic flask framework 2 years ago
  Robert Putt 054413a055 Adding project template as generated by cookiecutter 2 years ago