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  OpenDev Sysadmins 488567023a OpenDev Migration Patch 6 days ago
  Valentina Krasnobaeva faf3f17cb8 ml2_drivers/mech_ovs_fp: make ovs_agent check optional 3 weeks ago
  Valentina Krasnobaeva 7314fe13ac ml2_drivers/mech_ovs_fp: support only VNIC_NORMAL port type 1 month ago
  Valentina Krasnobaeva 94605c502f delivery: update setup.cfg, add Makefile 1 month ago
  Valentina Krasnobaeva 17dec42b98 rootwrap: add networking_6wind.filters 2 months ago
  Valentina Krasnobaeva 76ec3fa349 agent/server: don't check product name and version 2 months ago
  Valentina Krasnobaeva 37b72ea5b2 common/constants: sort and rename some constants 2 months ago
  Valentina Krasnobaeva fda5ad3821 networking_6wind/common: rename get_vif_vhostuser_socket 2 months ago
  Valentina Krasnobaeva 3ae1a87b02 agent/server: use fp-vdev-remote to get sock settings 2 months ago
  Valentina Krasnobaeva fd54aefdde networking_6wind: delete monkey_patch 3 months ago
  Valentina Krasnobaeva 50d591273f agent/server: supress pidoff fp-rte output 2 months ago
  Valentina Krasnobaeva 680d50243e ml2_drivers/mech_driver: check OVS agent status 3 months ago
  Valentina Krasnobaeva 3344a2f8ae ml2_drivers/mech_driver: remove internal cache 4 months ago
  Valentina Krasnobaeva 55fc945d79 agent/server: use _LE translator from networking_6wind 10 months ago
  Valentina Krasnobaeva 0818041ee9 agent/server: fix pathes to product name/version files 10 months ago
  Valentina Krasnobaeva de5a7bf050 agent/server: update imports 10 months ago
  Valentina Krasnobaeva a2e09a79cb agent/fp_agent.py: use common_config to setup_logging 10 months ago
  Valentina Krasnobaeva 3076b4097f ml2_drivers/mech_ovs_fp: update get_vif_* function signatures 10 months ago
  Francesco Santoro aa764eaafe agent: use neutron compliant fastpath agent 2 years ago
  Francesco Santoro 5d3c079558 scripts: add script for vcpu pin set generation 2 years ago
  Jenkins c59a3073ad Merge "TrivialFix: Clean imports in code" 2 years ago
  Francesco Santoro 1c6f6013cc devstack: support for multinode scenarios 2 years ago
  Francesco Santoro 711273eeae devstack: avoid to overwrite fastpath conf if it already exists 2 years ago
  Francesco Santoro 7e9ef11baa devstack: update fastpath installation 2 years ago
  Nguyen Hung Phuong 5d69299e29 TrivialFix: Clean imports in code 2 years ago
  Jenkins c95f0b7406 Merge "utils: remove unused check_fp_offload method" 2 years ago
  Francesco Santoro 77381003c6 utils: remove unused check_fp_offload method 2 years ago
  avnish e90757c00b py33 is no longer supported by Infra's CI 2 years ago
  Francesco Santoro fc40410732 mech_driver: rework both mechanism drivers 2 years ago
  Francesco Santoro 47103257de rpc_server: add rpc-server for fp detection 2 years ago
  Doug Wiegley 2c46ee3307 Remove reference to neutron.i18n 2 years ago
  Jenkins f569f9b090 Merge "Change repositories from stackforge to openstack" 3 years ago
  Doug Hellmann e0c67ad013 remove python 2.6 trove classifier 3 years ago
  venkatamahesh e2fdd50053 Change repositories from stackforge to openstack 3 years ago
  Maxime Leroy 504198e9f3 add lb-fp ml2 mechanism driver and agent 3 years ago
  Maxime Leroy 89bdd9f087 move mech_ovs_fp.py into ml2_drivers/openvswitch/mech_driver 3 years ago
  Maxime Leroy 4fa6f5f355 rewrite explication about fast path in README 3 years ago
  Jenkins 189f0e2f3c Merge "networking_6wind: use fp-vdev script instead of fp-cli" 3 years ago
  Jeremy Stanley ef0c6797a2 Update .gitreview for new namespace 3 years ago
  Maxime Leroy b137363093 networking_6wind: use fp-vdev script instead of fp-cli 3 years ago
  Jenkins e0ba347725 Merge "devstack: fix small typos in write_fast_path_conf" 3 years ago
  Maxime Leroy 197eadacc0 networking_6wind: remove vif_ovs_fp_plug script 3 years ago
  Maxime Leroy aaca27c291 use hotplug feature to create/delete new vhostuser port 3 years ago
  Maxime Leroy cb2d5e8e4d devstack: use core_port_mapping autoconfig feature 3 years ago
  Jenkins fb2833bb72 Merge "devstack/settings: reduce memory usage" 3 years ago
  Jenkins 556292ee04 Merge "devstack: new FP_GREEN_MODE option" 3 years ago
  Maxime Leroy 892eeae618 devstack/settings: reduce memory usage 3 years ago
  Maxime Leroy 8d3a32cdd3 devstack: new FP_GREEN_MODE option 3 years ago
  Maxime Leroy ccf9784281 devstack: fix small typos in write_fast_path_conf 3 years ago
  Maxime Leroy 6b1a5f4a36 devstack: update package after adding ppa:6wind/virt-mq-ppa repo 3 years ago