205 Commits (bb6a2c1174d476619039e4f31d441b9039493627)

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Guilherme Giacon bb6a2c1174 VM support 5 months ago
Dan Radez a33fd2ad03 More Unit test updates 4 months ago
Dan Radez 274b70c151 Unit test cleanup 5 months ago
Dan Radez 78e9f3c8d7 Updating to network-runner 0.3.0 5 months ago
Dan Radez 0bd3c71284 Revert "pulling upper constraints local for neutron-lib" 5 months ago
Dan Radez 90bf6eb269 adding custom params 5 months ago
Dan Radez 15bd8ae261 Passing port to ensure_port 6 months ago
Dan Radez 12607781cc Constants Cleanups 6 months ago
Dan Radez 25a6553a7e pulling upper constraints local for neutron-lib 6 months ago
Dan Radez 19f24dd3c1 updates to requirements 8 months ago
zhangboye 15447b2cd5 Replace deprecated UPPER_CONSTRAINTS_FILE variable 10 months ago
Zuul 6f56fd4542 Merge "fixing one more unit test" 12 months ago
Zuul e2ef8474c5 Merge "clarifications to config docs" 1 year ago
Dan Radez 5660fffb12 clarifications to config docs 1 year ago
zhangboye 70ec569457 Remove install unnecessary packages 1 year ago
Dan Radez 2429c81c94 fixing one more unit test 1 year ago
michaeltchapman 9271b7f050 Re-enable unit tests 1 year ago
Dan Radez f5d53f64a0 updates to unittests and pep8 fixes 1 year ago
Zuul f1c1ff1198 Merge "Adding a workaround for neutron's import mock" 1 year ago
Dan Radez 5ae2d1eeba Adding a workaround for neutron's import mock 1 year ago
michaeltchapman 44c430ec5a Correct port detachment 1 year ago
michaeltchapman bb59a2847d Tinyipa needs more memory in gate jobs 1 year ago
michaeltchapman 40d1e925b6 Testing removal and fix 1 year ago
michaeltchapman 4edf1ffebe No need for pyghmi source install 1 year ago
Zuul 0fd807c3ef Merge "Adding extra_params support and stp_edge param" 1 year ago
michaeltchapman ac7fb5e66b Remove ansible source install 1 year ago
Dan Radez a3137d7ce9 Adding extra_params support and stp_edge param 1 year ago
michaeltchapman 17483d625c Don't run gate checks against root-level docs 1 year ago
Zuul 817f7a2576 Merge "Move to new neutron enginefacade" 1 year ago
Zuul 654c0cbade Merge "Add constraints check" 1 year ago
michaeltchapman 7f36746048 Move to new neutron enginefacade 1 year ago
michaeltchapman c65897ed7e Add constraints check 1 year ago
Zuul 12fc4f2a23 Merge "Consolidate port operations" 1 year ago
Zuul 2c39ecec67 Merge "Add ubuntu local devstack environment" 1 year ago
Dan Radez 1bbbf37657 updating storyboard link in the docs 1 year ago
zhangboye a0e971bf04 Add py38 package metadata 1 year ago
michaeltchapman c5ae33c001 Consolidate port operations 1 year ago
michaeltchapman 13b01802d1 Add ubuntu local devstack environment 1 year ago
michaeltchapman 6ee7367810 Raise runner requirement 1 year ago
michaeltchapman 28e2256507 Use runner model instead of resource 1 year ago
Zuul 0888c9758b Merge "Minor trunk doc updates" 1 year ago
Zuul 252ef0570c Merge "Add trunk driver" 1 year ago
michaeltchapman 4c7a89f4a4 Minor trunk doc updates 1 year ago
michaeltchapman 0f936cb5bc Add trunk driver 1 year ago
michaeltchapman 3cfeb5f3a0 Move to python3 2 years ago
michaeltchapman 9799aa5dbc Fix testing issues 1 year ago
Dan Radez aaa83137e3 removing the api. Its deprecated and the move to network runner is completed 2 years ago
michaeltchapman dad87f4027 Prevent parallel updates per switch 2 years ago
michaeltchapman 47a3196bbe Add non-multinode job 2 years ago
Dan Radez 298d70db44 Improving unit tests assertions 2 years ago