10 Commits (bb6a2c1174d476619039e4f31d441b9039493627)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Guilherme Giacon bb6a2c1174 VM support 6 months ago
Dan Radez a3137d7ce9 Adding extra_params support and stp_edge param 1 year ago
michaeltchapman dad87f4027 Prevent parallel updates per switch 2 years ago
Dan Radez 25d3a4e919 replacing networking-ansible.api with network-runner 3 years ago
Derek Higgins 7bdfdb7f59 Treat manage_vlans as a bool 3 years ago
Jakub Libosvar 25ef00febc hacking: Enable checks that are disabled by default 3 years ago
Ilya Etingof afa19e8b89 Improve code style 3 years ago
Dan Radez c0ddb0516c Initial Unit tests 3 years ago
Dan Radez 2201bef146 PEP8 and other fixes 3 years ago
Dan Radez cef442d51c Adding configuration file handling 3 years ago