215 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Nader Lahouti 07ce6b1fc6 Filter segments for network_id with empty project_id 4 days ago
  Mitchell Jameson 81f31ef0a7 Fix allocate_tenant_segment to support filters 1 week ago
  Nader Lahouti ea44ae843f Return networks with non-empty project_id 1 week ago
  Boden R bfc8a3932d use trunk constants from neutron-lib 2 weeks ago
  Mitchell Jameson 8cbac99fdb Add another test mech driver for scale simulation 2 weeks ago
  Nader Lahouti ab0e8a05d2 Use immediateload for loading rules attribute 1 month ago
  Boden R 295a39c4a4 remove noqa use of neutron.db.api 2 months ago
  Boden R 406f350954 use neutron-lib for rpc 3 months ago
  Mitchell Jameson be01dfce8c Ensure arista_vlan type driver has correct network_vlan_range 4 months ago
  Mitchell Jameson 964055c2e5 Add unit test for router_gateway ports in the L3 plugin 4 months ago
  Mitchell Jameson 4c70351150 Only create SVIs for router_interface ports in sync worker 4 months ago
  Mark McClain a80268e6b8 Make protected_vlans valid range inclusive 4 months ago
  Mitchell Jameson 21cd790be4 Allow arista_vlan type driver to startup when CVX is not reachable 4 months ago
  Mitchell Jameson 6cc0bcb1ab Fix a number of HA bugs 5 months ago
  Mitchell Jameson 799a87a651 Add a test driver to simulate running Neutron in HA deployments 5 months ago
  Mitchell Jameson 2e36773c2d Add ability to cleanup L3 resources 5 months ago
  Mitchell Jameson b3227599c5 Load listeners to expire stale objects from session 5 months ago
  Boden R 79bb65f868 use common rpc and exceptions from neutron-lib 6 months ago
  Mitchell Jameson bd3d794e01 Add support for VRFs on MLAGs 8 months ago
  melissaml a532ae6618 Remove the duplicated word 8 months ago
  Mitchell Jameson 5c6d428d42 Improve Security Group support 10 months ago
  Mitchell Jameson 17d5874c31 Fixup the arista_vlan type driver 8 months ago
  Mitchell Jameson fa3321a7b9 Make resource updates implicit 8 months ago
  Mitchell Jameson 493c5efce9 Another set of stability fixes for the driver rewrite 9 months ago
  Nader Lahouti 4c9a488c82 Use original_binding_levels when current binding_levels is not set 9 months ago
  Mitchell Jameson e4685ca436 Delete resources in reverse sync order 9 months ago
  Mark McClain 320b2a5eda use add_worker() in plugin for consistency with other service plugins 9 months ago
  Mark McClain 5d0345cf13 Remove remaining portion of NeutronNets in favor of calling core plugin 9 months ago
  Mark McClain 6ce6107c44 Convert l3 sync thread to ServiceWorker 9 months ago
  Mark McClain fc12d9acde Simplify base class to service worker 9 months ago
  Mitchell Jameson 03ea49cb59 Align baremetal EGRESS/INGRESS meaning with VM meaning 10 months ago
  Mitchell Jameson 5a2d8e7aa5 Cleanup some unused methods from mechanism arista 9 months ago
  Mitchell Jameson d0372d7a21 A number of fixes for the driver rewrite 9 months ago
  Mitchell Jameson 499efacf26 Clear security group rules before adding new ones 10 months ago
  Mitchell Jameson 9fc63f598b Increase default command timeout 10 months ago
  Mark McClain 54a406395e Update resource id mapping and add additional logging 10 months ago
  Boden R 86a288560c use get reader/writer session from neutron-lib 10 months ago
  Mitchell Jameson a5d29afae8 Cleanup Arista VLAN Type Driver 1 year ago
  Mitchell Jameson 60447f7e74 Add support for trunks 1 year ago
  Mitchell Jameson fa9ae57e9e Cleanup Arista Security Group Support 1 year ago
  Mitchell Jameson bddd3cc0cb Pass resources from Arista Mech Driver to Sync Worker for provisioning 1 year ago
  Mitchell Jameson b9da887f10 Add ability to pass resources from mechanism driver to sync thread 1 year ago
  Mitchell Jameson 23163a4a6d Cleanup port binding logic 1 year ago
  Mitchell Jameson 3529a93680 Cleanup synchronization 1 year ago
  Vu Cong Tuan 9fde941546 Replace deprecated "auth_uri" by "www_authenticate_uri" 11 months ago
  Shashank Hegde 151b06d5e2 Unconditionally setting the authentication header 1 year ago
  Boden R c8c4d61a8d use rpc Connection rather than create_connection 1 year ago
  Boden R 507af45dfb use common agent topics from neutron-lib 1 year ago
  sunyandi 6706c6d57f modify keystone spelling errors 1 year ago
  Nader Lahouti f70f19987b Query PortBindingLevel table for segments bind to a port 1 year ago