298 Commits (130ce656d1c1d17c96242a2d1eb7e4920c7ae926)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Mitchell Jameson 130ce656d1 Check for missing port bindings each sync period 6 months ago
  Mitchell Jameson 08c337c600 Revert "Bind DVR ports when DOWN to workaround upstream issue" 6 months ago
  Mitchell Jameson fe2bc9d512 Bind DVR ports when DOWN to workaround upstream issue 7 months ago
  Aurelien Lourot fc3ca9b01c Fix AttributeError on select.poll() 11 months ago
  Mitchell Jameson 0c4f898771 Encode special characters in CVX username and password 10 months ago
  Mark McClain d3b551e5f5 Bump RHOSP13 to 2018.1.16 1 year ago
  Mitchell Jameson 6d836346e9 Reduce info level logging output 1 year ago
  Mark McClain d89d70a568 fix Dockerfile opendev URL for -/_ 1 year ago
  Mark McClain 0a70ec4c7f fix path error for tarballs.opendev.org 1 year ago
  Mark McClain 4c44b4e726 Bump RHOSP13 to 2018.1.15 1 year ago
  Mitchell Jameson 912a870e08 Fix handling of ERROR ports and '' device_id 1 year ago
  Mark McClain 71b7baf201 Bump RHOSP13 to 2018.1.13 1 year ago
  Alin Iorga 90f2255522 Test routes are not deleted on sync 1 year ago
  Alin Iorga a00fbcd512 Remove delete_default_gateway from create_router 1 year ago
  Alin Iorga 12cfba4cea Use show version to validate vrf support 1 year ago
  Mitchell Jameson cf15cc3fe6 Use an interprocess lock for physnets 1 year ago
  Alin Iorga d2b8bc4998 Prevent recursive check for vrf supported commands 1 year ago
  Alin Iorga cdda5b363d Wrap L3 synchronize function in try catch 1 year ago
  Nader Lahouti d9c7dbf15c Added missing format character 1 year ago
  Alin Iorga 2c274907d9 Add option to create default route to router VRFs 2 years ago
  Alin Iorga 5b5e30e2b2 Update L3 plugin to handle new syntax for deprecated vrf forwarding 2 years ago
  Alin Iorga 51a03396b7 Update L3 plugin to handle switches that support vrf instance 2 years ago
  Mark McClain 7d6174c2e0 Update source to be tarballs.o.o 2 years ago
  Mark McClain 84a465573b Add Dockerfile for RHOSP13 2 years ago
  Mark McClain 687fcd28e1 Add dockerfiles subdir 2 years ago
  Mark McClain 5babe297d6 Update .gitreview default branch 2 years ago
  Mitchell Jameson e0aa3e38eb Improve performance of sync under heavy load 2 years ago
  Nader Lahouti 580d44c6e5 Get next segment from NetworkSegment DB 2 years ago
  Nader Lahouti 5f437ebb8f Removed creation of INTERNAL-TENANT-ID 2 years ago
  Nader Lahouti 1933485036 Create network when project_id is an empty string 2 years ago
  Mitchell Jameson 86d8616f6f Add .zuul.yaml 2 years ago
  Mitchell Jameson 5b371e5ed2 Correct case of ERR_CVX_NOT_LEADER 2 years ago
  Nader Lahouti 71740a49d8 Use immediateload for loading rules attribute 2 years ago
  OpenDev Sysadmins e8670714a0 OpenDev Migration Patch 2 years ago
  Nader Lahouti a00e767424 Filter segments for network_id with empty project_id 2 years ago
  Nader Lahouti e53e213729 Return networks with non-empty project_id 2 years ago
  Mitchell Jameson 5a90097def Add another test mech driver for scale simulation 2 years ago
  Mitchell Jameson a504d16b9c Ensure arista_vlan type driver has correct network_vlan_range 3 years ago
  Mitchell Jameson c8780c5cfc Only create SVIs for router_interface ports in sync worker 3 years ago
  Mark McClain 3c63d6f89a Make protected_vlans valid range inclusive 3 years ago
  Mitchell Jameson 1636e5a304 Add ability to cleanup L3 resources 3 years ago
  Mitchell Jameson 8517c522a8 Allow arista_vlan type driver to startup when CVX is not reachable 3 years ago
  Mitchell Jameson 09be7fe18d Fix a number of HA bugs 3 years ago
  Mitchell Jameson 02b35056a9 Add a test driver to simulate running Neutron in HA deployments 3 years ago
  Mitchell Jameson aa9a670d3a Add support for VRFs on MLAGs 3 years ago
  Zuul 9f8adddc5d Merge "Make resource updates implicit" into stable/queens 3 years ago
  Mitchell Jameson 2128c9e9b6 Make resource updates implicit 3 years ago
  Mitchell Jameson f569ceb5a6 Fixup the arista_vlan type driver 3 years ago
  Mitchell Jameson 000f95de21 Another set of stability fixes for the driver rewrite 3 years ago
  Zuul f1a4691926 Merge "Delete resources in reverse sync order" into stable/queens 3 years ago