7 Commits (130ce656d1c1d17c96242a2d1eb7e4920c7ae926)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Mitchell Jameson 130ce656d1 Check for missing port bindings each sync period 6 months ago
  Mitchell Jameson 912a870e08 Fix handling of ERROR ports and '' device_id 1 year ago
  Nader Lahouti 5f437ebb8f Removed creation of INTERNAL-TENANT-ID 2 years ago
  Nader Lahouti 1933485036 Create network when project_id is an empty string 2 years ago
  Mitchell Jameson a44ce98504 A number of fixes for the driver rewrite 3 years ago
  Mitchell Jameson fa9ae57e9e Cleanup Arista Security Group Support 3 years ago
  Mitchell Jameson bddd3cc0cb Pass resources from Arista Mech Driver to Sync Worker for provisioning 3 years ago