6 Commits (24a2bd3e9bfc8bd2ac9d604ea7b6c6b5b10b0f32)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Mitchell Jameson 7b3a973710 Fix support for security groups on Port-Channels 5 years ago
Mark McClain 8d0a6b09a0 Remove external dependency on jsonrpclib 5 years ago
Mark McClain c22dd944bc Replace jsonrpclib with jsonrpc_requests module 6 years ago
Mitchell Jameson d6cd2bc5d4 Bump minimum requirements to match Ocata. 6 years ago
Doug Wiegley e749b9a9fa Remove reference to neutron.i18n 6 years ago
Sukhdev Kapur 0945bdd2b0 Adding Ironic Support 6 years ago