12 Commits (56cb94bec50b720b3ea8101e12b0e900e5e77a8b)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Mitchell Jameson 56cb94bec5 Add support for specifying switch shortnames in physnets for HPB 4 months ago
Alin Iorga 2c274907d9 Add option to create default route to router VRFs 2 years ago
Nader Lahouti 1933485036 Create network when project_id is an empty string 2 years ago
Mitchell Jameson 1636e5a304 Add ability to cleanup L3 resources 3 years ago
Mark McClain 8d0a6b09a0 Remove external dependency on jsonrpclib 5 years ago
Mitchell Jameson fd6cdf8e1d Add a manage_fabric configuration option 5 years ago
Shashank Hegde 2b9634d32a Adding all config options to devstack plugin 5 years ago
Alex Reimers d20ae3e668 Fix typo in etc/ml2_conf_arista.ini. 5 years ago
Sukhdev Kapur 0945bdd2b0 Adding Ironic Support 5 years ago
Mitchell Jameson f9d133dfd2 Added the arista_vlan type driver 6 years ago
Anuraag Mittal fa3e7fa648 Adding support for multiple EOS instances. 6 years ago
Sukhdev Kapur 926ede02ab Migration of Arista drivers from neutron to here 6 years ago