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Mark McClain 0e759a70bf Update classifiers for Python 3 support 6 years ago
Shashank Hegde 6590c4d512 Copying the config file to ml2 plugin directory 6 years ago
Mitchell Jameson f9d133dfd2 Added the arista_vlan type driver 7 years ago
Shashank Hegde 5dc17388f3 Adding database migration scripts 7 years ago
Sukhdev Kapur 926ede02ab Migration of Arista drivers from neutron to here 7 years ago
Sukhdev Kapur e192e7de97 Fixing for transition from stackforge to openstack 7 years ago
Sukhdev Kapur 2b9f51fc0a Bumping the package version for Master to 2015.2 7 years ago
Shashank Hegde 97ed31271e Updated the package version. 8 years ago
Sukhdev 36b83575ab Moving Arista ML2 driver from neutron tree 8 years ago
Sukhdev 0dbcc70ca7 Initial Setup of the base project for networking-arista drivers 8 years ago