23 Commits (ad57fb8ab41823617143a8b26e3cf08e30de9152)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Alin Iorga ad57fb8ab4 Wrap L3 synchronize function in try catch 4 months ago
  Alin Iorga ae73a2a74e Add option to create default route to router VRFs 5 months ago
  Alin Iorga bda298fc21 Update L3 plugin to handle switches that support vrf instance 7 months ago
  Boden R 406f350954 use neutron-lib for rpc 1 year ago
  Mitchell Jameson 4c70351150 Only create SVIs for router_interface ports in sync worker 1 year ago
  Mitchell Jameson 2e36773c2d Add ability to cleanup L3 resources 1 year ago
  Boden R 79bb65f868 use common rpc and exceptions from neutron-lib 1 year ago
  Mitchell Jameson bd3d794e01 Add support for VRFs on MLAGs 1 year ago
  Mark McClain 5d0345cf13 Remove remaining portion of NeutronNets in favor of calling core plugin 1 year ago
  Mark McClain 6ce6107c44 Convert l3 sync thread to ServiceWorker 1 year ago
  Mark McClain fc12d9acde Simplify base class to service worker 1 year ago
  Boden R c8c4d61a8d use rpc Connection rather than create_connection 2 years ago
  Boden R 507af45dfb use common agent topics from neutron-lib 2 years ago
  Boden R fed3fdef12 use service type constants from neutron_lib plugins 2 years ago
  Nader Lahouti 3dc3d51740 Correction for importing context module 3 years ago
  Gary Kotton fa0159ad02 neutron-lib: use L3 constant from neutron-lib 3 years ago
  Mitchell Jameson 8c570d3846 Migrated neutron constants to neutron-lib for l3 plugin. 3 years ago
  Doug Wiegley e749b9a9fa Remove reference to neutron.i18n 3 years ago
  Sukhdev Kapur 716c1a13f4 Updating L3 plugin to accomodate upstream changes 3 years ago
  Sukhdev Kapur 0945bdd2b0 Adding Ironic Support 4 years ago
  Sukhdev Kapur d47cd7ab86 Fixing L3 Plugin to match with upstream change 4 years ago
  Sukhdev Kapur 22c90b733d Fix L3 plugin to match with upstream 4 years ago
  Sukhdev Kapur 926ede02ab Migration of Arista drivers from neutron to here 4 years ago