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# Copyright 2014 Arista Networks, Inc. All rights reserved.
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may
# not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain
# a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT
# WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the
# License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations
# under the License.
import copy
import traceback
from neutron_lib.agent import topics
from neutron_lib import constants as n_const
from neutron_lib import context as nctx
from neutron_lib.plugins import constants as plugin_constants
from neutron_lib.plugins import directory
from neutron_lib import rpc as n_rpc
from import base as service_base
from neutron_lib import worker
from oslo_config import cfg
from oslo_log import helpers as log_helpers
from oslo_log import log as logging
from oslo_service import loopingcall
from oslo_utils import excutils
from neutron.api.rpc.agentnotifiers import l3_rpc_agent_api
from neutron.api.rpc.handlers import l3_rpc
from neutron.db import extraroute_db
from neutron.db import l3_agentschedulers_db
from neutron.db import l3_gwmode_db
from neutron.plugins.ml2.driver_context import NetworkContext # noqa
from networking_arista._i18n import _LE, _LI
from networking_arista.l3Plugin import arista_l3_driver
LOG = logging.getLogger(__name__)
class AristaL3SyncWorker(worker.BaseWorker):
def __init__(self, driver):
self.driver = driver
self._enable_cleanup = driver._enable_cleanup
self._protected_vlans = driver._protected_vlans
self._servers = driver._servers
self._use_vrf = driver._use_vrf
self._vrf_default_route = driver._vrf_default_route
self._loop = None
super(AristaL3SyncWorker, self).__init__(worker_process_count=0)
def start(self):
super(AristaL3SyncWorker, self).start()
if self._loop is None:
self._loop = loopingcall.FixedIntervalLoopingCall(
def stop(self):
if self._loop is not None:
def wait(self):
if self._loop is not None:
self._loop = None
def reset(self):
def get_subnet_info(self, subnet_id):
return self.get_subnet(subnet_id)
def get_routers_and_interfaces(self):
core = directory.get_plugin()
ctx = nctx.get_admin_context()
routers = directory.get_plugin(plugin_constants.L3).get_routers(ctx)
router_interfaces = list()
for r in routers:
ports = core.get_ports(
'device_id': [r['id']],
'device_owner': [n_const.DEVICE_OWNER_ROUTER_INTF,
n_const.DEVICE_OWNER_ROUTER_GW]}) or []
for p in ports:
router_interface = r.copy()
net_id = p['network_id']
subnet_id = p['fixed_ips'][0]['subnet_id']
subnet = core.get_subnet(ctx, subnet_id)
ml2_db = NetworkContext(self, ctx, {'id': net_id})
seg_id = ml2_db.network_segments[0]['segmentation_id']
router_interface['seg_id'] = seg_id
router_interface['cidr'] = subnet['cidr']
router_interface['gip'] = subnet['gateway_ip']
if p['id'] == r['gw_port_id']:
r['gip'] = subnet['gateway_ip']
router_interface['fixed_ip'] = p['fixed_ips'][0]['ip_address']
router_interface['ip_version'] = subnet['ip_version']
router_interface['subnet_id'] = subnet_id
return routers, router_interfaces
def _get_ext_gateway_ip(self, router):
if ('external_gateway_info' not in router or
router['external_gateway_info'] is None):
return None
return router.get('gip')
def synchronize(self):
"""Synchronizes Router DB from Neturon DB with EOS.
Walks through the Neturon Db and ensures that all the routers
created in Netuton DB match with EOS. After creating appropriate
routers, it ensures to add interfaces as well.
Uses idempotent properties of EOS configuration, which means
same commands can be repeated.
"""'Syncing Neutron Router DB <-> EOS'))
if self._use_vrf:
routers, router_interfaces = self.get_routers_and_interfaces()
if self._enable_cleanup:
expected_vrfs = set()
expected_vrf_default_routes = set()
if self._use_vrf:
r['id'], r['name']) for r in routers)
if self._vrf_default_route:
for router in routers)
expected_vlans = set(r['seg_id'] for r in router_interfaces)'Syncing Neutron Router DB - cleanup'))
self.do_cleanup(expected_vrfs, expected_vlans,
expected_vrf_default_routes)'Syncing Neutron Router DB - creating routers'))
self.create_routers(routers)'Syncing Neutron Router DB - creating interfaces'))
self.create_router_interfaces(router_interfaces)'Syncing Neutron Router DB finished'))
except Exception:
exc_str = traceback.format_exc()
LOG.error(_LE("Error during synchronize processing %s"), exc_str)
def get_vrfs(self, server):
ret = self.driver._run_eos_cmds(['show vrf'], server)
if len(ret or []) != 1 or 'vrfs' not in ret[0].keys():
return set()
eos_vrfs = set(vrf for vrf in ret[0]['vrfs'].keys()
if vrf.startswith('__OpenStack__'))
return eos_vrfs
def get_svis(self, server):
ret = self.driver._run_eos_cmds(['show ip interface'], server)
if len(ret or []) != 1 or 'interfaces' not in ret[0].keys():
return set()
eos_svis = set(
for vlan in ret[0]['interfaces'].keys() if 'Vlan' in vlan)
return eos_svis
def get_vlans(self, server):
ret = self.driver._run_eos_cmds(['show vlan'], server)
if len(ret or []) != 1 or 'vlans' not in ret[0].keys():
return set()
eos_vlans = set(int(vlan) for vlan, info in ret[0]['vlans'].items()
if not info['dynamic'])
return eos_vlans
def _get_vrf_default_route(self, vrf, vrf_routes):
if (not vrf_routes or
'routes' not in vrf_routes or
'' not in vrf_routes['routes'] or
'vias' not in vrf_routes['routes']['']):
return set()
result = set()
for via in vrf_routes['routes']['']['vias']:
result.add((vrf, via.get('nexthopAddr')))
return result
def get_vrf_default_routes(self, server):
ret = self.driver._run_eos_cmds(['show ip route vrf all'], server)
if len(ret or []) != 1 or 'vrfs' not in ret[0].keys():
return set()
eos_vrf_gateway = set()
for vrf, vrf_route in ret[0]['vrfs'].items():
if '__OpenStack__' in vrf:
return eos_vrf_gateway
def do_cleanup(self, expected_vrfs, expected_vlans,
for server in self._servers:
eos_svis = self.get_svis(server)
eos_vlans = self.get_vlans(server)
svis_to_delete = (eos_svis - self._protected_vlans -
vlans_to_delete = (eos_vlans - self._protected_vlans -
delete_cmds = []
delete_cmds.extend('no interface vlan %s' % svi
for svi in svis_to_delete)
delete_cmds.extend('no vlan %s' % vlan
for vlan in vlans_to_delete)
if self._use_vrf:
eos_vrfs = self.get_vrfs(server)
vrfs_to_delete = eos_vrfs - expected_vrfs
for c in self.driver.routerDict['delete']
for vrf in vrfs_to_delete])
if self._vrf_default_route:
eos_vrf_gateway = self.get_vrf_default_routes(server)
vrf_gw_to_delete = (eos_vrf_gateway -
'no ip route vrf %s' % vrf
for (vrf, _) in vrf_gw_to_delete)
if delete_cmds:
self.driver._run_config_cmds(delete_cmds, server)
def create_routers(self, routers):
for r in routers:
self.driver.create_router(self, r)
except Exception:
LOG.error(_LE("Error Adding router %(router_id)s "
"on Arista HW"), {'router_id': r})
def create_router_interfaces(self, router_interfaces):
for r in router_interfaces:
self.driver.add_router_interface(self, r)
except Exception:
LOG.error(_LE("Error Adding interface %(subnet_id)s "
"to router %(router_id)s on Arista HW"),
{'subnet_id': r['subnet_id'], 'router_id': r['id']})
class AristaL3ServicePlugin(service_base.ServicePluginBase,
"""Implements L3 Router service plugin for Arista hardware.
Creates routers in Arista hardware, manages them, adds/deletes interfaces
to the routes.
supported_extension_aliases = ["router", "ext-gw-mode",
def __init__(self, driver=None):
super(AristaL3ServicePlugin, self).__init__()
self.driver = driver or arista_l3_driver.AristaL3Driver()
def setup_rpc(self):
# RPC support
self.topic = topics.L3PLUGIN
self.conn = n_rpc.Connection()
{n_const.AGENT_TYPE_L3: l3_rpc_agent_api.L3AgentNotifyAPI()})
self.endpoints = [l3_rpc.L3RpcCallback()]
self.conn.create_consumer(self.topic, self.endpoints,
def get_plugin_type(self):
return plugin_constants.L3
def get_plugin_description(self):
"""Returns string description of the plugin."""
return ("Arista L3 Router Service Plugin for Arista Hardware "
"based routing")
def create_router(self, context, router):
"""Create a new router entry in DB, and create it Arista HW."""
# Add router to the DB
new_router = super(AristaL3ServicePlugin, self).create_router(
# create router on the Arista Hw
self.driver.create_router(context, new_router)
return new_router
except Exception:
with excutils.save_and_reraise_exception():
LOG.error(_LE("Error creating router on Arista HW router=%s "),
super(AristaL3ServicePlugin, self).delete_router(
def update_router(self, context, router_id, router):
"""Update an existing router in DB, and update it in Arista HW."""
# Read existing router record from DB
original_router = self.get_router(context, router_id)
# Update router DB
new_router = super(AristaL3ServicePlugin, self).update_router(
context, router_id, router)
# Modify router on the Arista Hw
self.driver.update_router(context, router_id,
original_router, new_router)
return new_router
except Exception:
LOG.error(_LE("Error updating router on Arista HW router=%s "),
def delete_router(self, context, router_id):
"""Delete an existing router from Arista HW as well as from the DB."""
router = self.get_router(context, router_id)
# Delete router on the Arista Hw
self.driver.delete_router(context, router_id, router)
except Exception as e:
LOG.error(_LE("Error deleting router on Arista HW "
"router %(r)s exception=%(e)s"),
{'r': router, 'e': e})
super(AristaL3ServicePlugin, self).delete_router(context, router_id)
def add_router_interface(self, context, router_id, interface_info):
"""Add a subnet of a network to an existing router."""
new_router = super(AristaL3ServicePlugin, self).add_router_interface(
context, router_id, interface_info)
core = directory.get_plugin()
# Get network info for the subnet that is being added to the router.
# Check if the interface information is by port-id or subnet-id
add_by_port, add_by_sub = self._validate_interface_info(interface_info)
if add_by_sub:
subnet = core.get_subnet(context, interface_info['subnet_id'])
# If we add by subnet and we have no port allocated, assigned
# gateway IP for the interface
fixed_ip = subnet['gateway_ip']
elif add_by_port:
port = core.get_port(context, interface_info['port_id'])
subnet_id = port['fixed_ips'][0]['subnet_id']
fixed_ip = port['fixed_ips'][0]['ip_address']
subnet = core.get_subnet(context, subnet_id)
network_id = subnet['network_id']
# To create SVI's in Arista HW, the segmentation Id is required
# for this network.
ml2_db = NetworkContext(self, context, {'id': network_id})
seg_id = ml2_db.network_segments[0]['segmentation_id']
# Package all the info needed for Hw programming
router = self.get_router(context, router_id)
router_info = copy.deepcopy(new_router)
router_info['seg_id'] = seg_id
router_info['name'] = router['name']
router_info['cidr'] = subnet['cidr']
router_info['gip'] = subnet['gateway_ip']
router_info['fixed_ip'] = fixed_ip
router_info['ip_version'] = subnet['ip_version']
self.driver.add_router_interface(context, router_info)
return new_router
except Exception:
with excutils.save_and_reraise_exception():
LOG.error(_LE("Error Adding subnet %(subnet)s to "
"router %(router_id)s on Arista HW"),
{'subnet': subnet, 'router_id': router_id})
super(AristaL3ServicePlugin, self).remove_router_interface(
def remove_router_interface(self, context, router_id, interface_info):
"""Remove a subnet of a network from an existing router."""
router_to_del = (
super(AristaL3ServicePlugin, self).remove_router_interface(
# Get network information of the subnet that is being removed
core = directory.get_plugin()
subnet = core.get_subnet(context, router_to_del['subnet_id'])
network_id = subnet['network_id']
# For SVI removal from Arista HW, segmentation ID is needed
ml2_db = NetworkContext(self, context, {'id': network_id})
seg_id = ml2_db.network_segments[0]['segmentation_id']
router = self.get_router(context, router_id)
router_info = copy.deepcopy(router_to_del)
router_info['seg_id'] = seg_id
router_info['name'] = router['name']
router_info['ip_version'] = subnet['ip_version']
self.driver.remove_router_interface(context, router_info)
return router_to_del
except Exception as exc:
LOG.error(_LE("Error removing interface %(interface)s from "
"router %(router_id)s on Arista HW"
"Exception =(exc)s"),
{'interface': interface_info, 'router_id': router_id,
'exc': exc})