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  OpenDev Sysadmins 0dc82a25cf OpenDev Migration Patch 2 months ago
  Ritesh Madapurath 0702534af6 When VRRP is enabled, router interface deletion fails when used with subnet id 3 years ago
  Ritesh Madapurath fe29e27b5e Bare Metal Support 3 years ago
  Angela Smith 23d837998a Fix PEP8 errors in MLX plugin 3 years ago
  Ritesh Madapurath 8bfc8971a4 Adding Non-ampp support for VDX 3 years ago
  Pradeep Sathasivam e2c8ecd218 Support for enable password configuration 3 years ago
  Jenkins 9d3c974cbb Merge "Update Brocade MLX plugin from Neutron decomposition" 3 years ago
  rmadapur 836a9d0148 Fixes netconf timeout issue 3 years ago
  Angela Smith 6453b84e10 Update Brocade MLX plugin from Neutron decomposition 3 years ago
  Jeremy Stanley ec53ec05a4 Update README to reflect new repo location 3 years ago
  Angela Smith 35a5e687f1 Update .gitreview to reflect new repository name 3 years ago
  Angela Smith 4ca5348943 Updating requirements and test-requirements files. 3 years ago
  Harkirat Singh 17786b869b fix l3 plugin to work for 5600 router 4 years ago
  Harkirat Singh f601c00510 Add multiple IPv6 prefixes support 4 years ago
  Harkirat Singh fa8140f680 Add generic InterfaceInfo and RouterConfig class 4 years ago
  Harkirat Singh 4a3a8712a3 Add MultiDict class implementation 4 years ago
  Harkirat Singh 4a95874e49 Fix _create_gw_port interface update 4 years ago
  Harkirat Singh ece20aa490 Update unit tests 4 years ago
  Harkirat Singh 6f6075a2c9 Delete port security bindings on existing port 4 years ago
  Harkirat Singh b614445c71 add_port_security_extension_support 4 years ago
  Jenkins 6423a07023 Merge "update test code after the unittest reorg" 4 years ago
  Jenkins 5454f826c5 Merge "Add extra parameter in _make_router_interface_info" 4 years ago
  Jenkins 68a936b2b9 Merge "Use custom RouterInfo for L3 agent" 4 years ago
  Shiv Haris 158b634d13 Add text to README.rst describing MDs and Plugins 4 years ago
  Harkirat Singh 5921b3b1c6 update test code after the unittest reorg 4 years ago
  Harkirat Singh 8af7d8f4d4 Add extra parameter in _make_router_interface_info 4 years ago
  Harkirat Singh 4f78be5dce Use custom RouterInfo for L3 agent 4 years ago
  Harkirat Singh 7912cf100f Remove methods override from L3AgentMiddleware 4 years ago
  Jenkins f10b488979 Merge "Remove testlib_plugin ref from l3 plugin" 4 years ago
  Jenkins 0a296ecdf1 Merge "Handle unsupported network types" 4 years ago
  Pradeep Sathasivam 20aea72cfc Removed built-in transaction support 4 years ago
  Harkirat Singh f38a57c4ed Remove testlib_plugin ref from l3 plugin 4 years ago
  Pradeep Sathasivam 8d4b725849 Handle unsupported network types 4 years ago
  Jenkins cead1a3507 Merge "Removed config registration" 4 years ago
  Pradeep Sathasivam 80f35eea70 Removed config registration 4 years ago
  Shiv Haris 8b20d6f74c Adjust imports for re-organized neutron unit test tree 4 years ago
  Vishwanath Jayaraman 1c7eea7a27 Code refactor to sync with Firewall Insertion Model implementation 4 years ago
  Sripriya f5ffb5dac9 Fix unit test failures for delete ipv6 and clear gateway issues 4 years ago
  Jenkins 49e2b14666 Merge "Enabling MLX ML2 unit tests." 4 years ago
  Angela Smith 257b546b30 Enabling MLX ML2 unit tests. 4 years ago
  Sripriya 8195f2ff70 remove neutron.common.log imports and update to oslo.log 4 years ago
  Angela Smith 5281dd5ba7 Update cfg registrations based on changes made to shims. 4 years ago
  Angela Smith 2fdcdb17e4 Fix logging imports to oslo log 4 years ago
  Shiv Haris c3bd5274a2 Oslo logging changes requires import change for logging 4 years ago
  Shiv Haris cc97a515a1 Add ML2 VLAN mechanism driver for Brocade MLX and ICX switches 4 years ago
  Shiv Haris e38b37973f Fixing import of the decomposed nos driver 4 years ago
  Shiv Haris b8d50daaa3 Enable unit test on vdx platform 4 years ago
  Shiv Haris 5c728cb4fe Remove model completely from stackforge leave in neutron. 4 years ago
  Sripriya b8f67c7810 Move the extension alias from neutron_plugin to shim plugin in neutron tree 4 years ago
  Jenkins f9b18a231f Merge "Fix MySQL deadlock issue" 4 years ago