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Pradeep Sathasivam e2c8ecd218 Support for enable password configuration
When enable password is configured in device, ML2 plugin
will not be able to configure the device via SSH or TELNET.

Now this is supported by reading the response of each command
and identifying the prompt.

Change-Id: I3344f63b2f076809046fdbe92b9c9227bc0f1e1c
Closes-Bug: 1481161
7 years ago
Angela Smith 6453b84e10 Update Brocade MLX plugin from Neutron decomposition
Add ini files to repository and list ini files and entry
points in setup.cfg for MLX plugins.

Update requirements.txt, tox.ini files for Neutron repo

Add config registrations to mech driver as these were
removed when decomposed from Neutron.  Update mech driver
to return in cases of unsupported type or physnet
instead of throwing exception.

Update requirements.txt to be same as current Neutron

Add devstack plugin shell script.

Change-Id: Id32efe9ea3580b559d86c1b8a1db7aeb4aa690d7
7 years ago