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Pradeep Sathasivam e2c8ecd218 Support for enable password configuration
When enable password is configured in device, ML2 plugin
will not be able to configure the device via SSH or TELNET.

Now this is supported by reading the response of each command
and identifying the prompt.

Change-Id: I3344f63b2f076809046fdbe92b9c9227bc0f1e1c
Closes-Bug: 1481161
7 years ago
Angela Smith 6453b84e10 Update Brocade MLX plugin from Neutron decomposition
Add ini files to repository and list ini files and entry
points in setup.cfg for MLX plugins.

Update requirements.txt, tox.ini files for Neutron repo

Add config registrations to mech driver as these were
removed when decomposed from Neutron.  Update mech driver
to return in cases of unsupported type or physnet
instead of throwing exception.

Update requirements.txt to be same as current Neutron

Add devstack plugin shell script.

Change-Id: Id32efe9ea3580b559d86c1b8a1db7aeb4aa690d7
7 years ago
Angela Smith 4ca5348943 Updating requirements and test-requirements files.
The requirements files need to be updated to be current to
Neutron requirements in order for tox to run.

In addition, vyatta tests are failing even with the
requirements updated, so these tests are being temporarily

Change-Id: I906096ec53f68d03f2ce8995284d4155d0162d1d
Closes-Bug: #1488312
8 years ago
Harkirat Singh f601c00510 Add multiple IPv6 prefixes support
enable unit test for vrouter
skips unit tests due to support status
updates gateway configuration on gw ip change
removes unused parameter from driver clear_gateway
adds helper functions to router API client

Change-Id: I5df3b24beb03e0d5af7dda4ad61b687482308508
8 years ago
Pradeep Sathasivam 20aea72cfc Removed built-in transaction support
The below statement has some issues due to which router interface
was not added for the first time.

with context.session.begin(subtransactions=True):

The above statement is removed and transaction is handled like we do
it in ML2 plugin code. We call super.remove_router_interface in case
of an exception

Also added negative unit test cases and enabled L3 tests in
test_discover module

Renamed the following modules: to to

Change-Id: Id0de71c758c3c271cc54ed00a5014e7e2fc6609d
Closes-Bug: #1439095
8 years ago
Vishwanath Jayaraman 1c7eea7a27 Code refactor to sync with Firewall Insertion Model implementation
The _get_router_info_list_for_tenant() method has changed in the
FWaaSL3AgentRpcCallback class, this commit makes the corresponding
change in the L3AgentMiddleware class

Partially Implements: blueprint fwaas-router-insertion

Change-Id: Ifdd6014c6d421adb406685719adf2a231aba2b5e
8 years ago
Sripriya f5ffb5dac9 Fix unit test failures for delete ipv6 and clear gateway issues
Change-Id: I1f131c9d9c4cc33143df08f3bfbad72bbd4573b9
8 years ago
Angela Smith 257b546b30 Enabling MLX ML2 unit tests.
Change-Id: Iad1ed4ef927a102fc4283ea9053d62255883e706
8 years ago
Shiv Haris c3bd5274a2 Oslo logging changes requires import change for logging
Partial bug: #1431916

Change-Id: Ia8c623282d21f11792fd338f805b1f71e19de478
8 years ago
Shiv Haris cc97a515a1 Add ML2 VLAN mechanism driver for Brocade MLX and ICX switches
This introduces support for ML2 VLAN operations on Brocade MLX
and ICX switches.  Also including L3 router plugin for MLX.
Partial-Bug: #1420045
Change-Id: I53e9af67001f4c372f687f79c823542ad965a8c3
8 years ago
Shiv Haris e38b37973f Fixing import of the decomposed nos driver
Importing from networking-brocade

Fixes Bug: #1429977

Change-Id: I9854a9df23fc57d7ce294e402355b743a7f23e91
8 years ago
Shiv Haris b8d50daaa3 Enable unit test on vdx platform
Fixes bug: #1427908

Change-Id: I7433e3201cbb75989c232571ed2acb6db923a4e5
8 years ago
Sripriya e28f985a89 Fix networking-brocade unit tests changes and vyatta imports
Change-Id: Idb888fafdb14730d8a9cfaec124e1e8207d115a2
8 years ago