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Angela Smith 4ca5348943 Updating requirements and test-requirements files.
The requirements files need to be updated to be current to
Neutron requirements in order for tox to run.

In addition, vyatta tests are failing even with the
requirements updated, so these tests are being temporarily

Change-Id: I906096ec53f68d03f2ce8995284d4155d0162d1d
Closes-Bug: #1488312
8 years ago
Sripriya b361a94ddb Merge Brocade Vyatta L3 Plugin Code
Change-Id: I8d7d93d906f275782ef33c37c4ce9b202b72a4c6
8 years ago
Shiv Haris 2a2e09bf3f Updating .gitreview file and adding cookie cutter files
Fixes bug: #1416127

Change-Id: I36118659603315fae458fd876a7fbaf1ac3e5876
8 years ago