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Shiv Haris 2a2e09bf3f Updating .gitreview file and adding cookie cutter files
Fixes bug: #1416127

Change-Id: I36118659603315fae458fd876a7fbaf1ac3e5876
8 years ago
Shiv Haris dc80263dfe Generated new .gitreview file for brocade/vdx-AmppML2-SVI 8 years ago
Jenkins 55b68dc6a6 Merge "hacking: enable H238 (old style class declaration, use new style)" 9 years ago
Ihar Hrachyshka a0675047a1 hacking: enable H238 (old style class declaration, use new style)
The rule was added in hacking 0.10 and is useful for migration to Python 3.

Change-Id: I8b45413cf34e5a9db8074f9029410e3b22a92640
9 years ago
Jenkins ee3ae7b405 Merge "brocade: Use lazy logging interpolation" 9 years ago
Angus Lees bf54c15975 brocade: Use lazy logging interpolation
There are a small number of examples of "eager" interpolation in
  logging.debug("foo %s" % arg)

These should be converted to perform the interpolation lazily within
the logging function, since if the severity is below the logging level
then the interpolation can be skipped entirely.

This change addresses all such examples found in brocade
l3_router_plugin via a pylint test.  Other occurrences are addressed

Change-Id: Ia2d51e8ecbc7af81390577ec69c5ce18523b65f3
Partial-Bug: #1404788
9 years ago
Jenkins 26153cdd95 Merge "tests: initialize admin context after super().setUp call" 9 years ago
Ihar Hrachyshka 8263faeb91 tests: initialize admin context after super().setUp call
New policy code requires that CONF is already initialized when policy
checks are invoked. It means that no Neutron context objects should be
created before BaseTestCase.setUp() is called that will set
configuration, among other things.

Ideally, we would just make sure that all test cases invoke
super().setUp() as the very first line of any subclass setUp() methods.
But since some of test cases require prior setup (like mocking extension
manager) before proceeding to base class, we end up with magically
shuffling context instantiations to occur below super() calls.

Change-Id: Ib1039ea1ff9480ca57f9cb0c917469d0d2ad28b8
Closes-Bug: #1400301
9 years ago
Jenkins 2ab69b827b Merge "Migrate to oslo.context" 9 years ago
Ihar Hrachyshka 64392eb0cf Migrate to oslo.context
That's just a matter of adding requirements.txt entry, fixing imports,
and dropping the corresponding oslo-incubator module from the tree.

While at it, made all imports to import the module into 'oslo_context' and
not just 'context', so that we don't override the module locally in
multiple methods that receive their context arguments with the same
name, making the library inaccessible from inside those methods.

Change-Id: Ie62af970b3b7f225de453e56c01abc4b12af8f5e
Closes-Bug: #1401054
9 years ago
Jenkins 86bc34aab1 Merge "enable H401 hacking check" 9 years ago
Jenkins 505e50023e Merge "Migrate to oslo.i18n" 9 years ago
Ihar Hrachyshka e20aa49d7f Migrate to oslo.i18n
Mostly trivial import changes.

- oslo.i18n no longer provide install() method to inject _() into
  globals(), so removed all calls to it;
- removed Babel from dependencies (it will now be grabbed by oslo.i18n);
- updated tox.ini to ignore import violations for oslo.i18n.

Change-Id: I6623d551f512fb7fe9bf35ee734ed6d4c6cbc287
9 years ago
Jenkins 0211f39649 Merge "Migrate to oslo.utils" 9 years ago
Ihar Hrachyshka a1140ba3fc Migrate to oslo.utils
The following modules are removed:
  - excutils,
  - importutils,
  - network_utils,
  - strutils,
  - timeutils.

Closes-Bug: #1385355
Change-Id: I1f34f17f5dbf37032584008f27e65d4dc4d475f4
9 years ago
Romil Gupta 1d20af4665 Update i18n translation for ML2 plugin log msg's
All the existing, LOG.warning, LOG.error and LOG.critical
messages should have _LI, _LW, _LE and _LC respectively.
 Also, debug level log shouldn't be translated.

This patch set will cover the ml2 directory under neutron/plugins.

Partial-Bug: #1320867
Change-Id: I9d78d23bbc14e7c536c6ddf2dc4f52c67faeb667
9 years ago
Jenkins dcc4f2889e Merge "Enforce log hints in" 9 years ago
Cedric Brandily 6937ccd73a Enforce log hints in
This change enforces log hints use and removes debug level log
translation, modifications are validated through a hacking rule.

Validate that hacking rules apply to directories:
    - neutron/services/l3_router

Change-Id: I2a832c5e0c4ed2a944d199d6a2d6233b8cf838dd
Partial-bug: #1320867
9 years ago
Mark McClain daafdbfbf0 enable H401 hacking check
This change corrects H401 (docstring should not start with a space)
errors and enables the check
Change-Id: I2f798421d5895fcec349c757d27b7f085ee001e7
Partial-Bug: 1329017
9 years ago
Jenkins fbc37e08e1 Merge "Use correct base class for unit tests for ML2 drivers" 9 years ago
AKamyshnikova 885232bf90 Use correct base class for unit tests for ML2 drivers
In unit tests for several ML2 mechanism drivers (listed below)
the NeutronDbPluginV2TestCase class is used instead of Ml2PluginV2TestCase
which is desired to be used.

Unit tests for ML2 mechanism drivers in neutron/tests/unit/ml2:

Partial-Bug: #1373153

Change-Id: I9524cafb39975b1384954a2eefcbf754231d2198
9 years ago
Jenkins c43ab9fc56 Merge "Remove superfluous except/re-raise" 9 years ago
Angus Lees 735e8898f4 Remove superfluous except/re-raise
This exception code catches all exceptions, and then always raises them

More interestingly, it uses excutils.save_and_reraise_exception
incorrectly (outside a `with` statement), which triggers the pylint test
designed to catch exactly this.

Change-Id: Iab9d69944cbae5257682ac65ff2b8fba3ef7017e
9 years ago
Jenkins 115e54864f Merge "Remove @author(s) from copyright statements" 9 years ago
Gary Kotton 38af7f57b8 Remove @author(s) from copyright statements
We have git to track authorship, so let's not pad source files
with it as well.

A hacking check has been added for this. The value is N322.

Change-Id: Iab0b64d417e0bb41a6b455e2ac377deee64ec3ee
9 years ago
Jenkins 6d9afd2639 Merge "Layer 3 service plugin to support hardware based routing" 9 years ago
Shiv Haris 1a5121ba9b Layer 3 service plugin to support hardware based routing
Change-Id: Ie8e97a6d4fde0bda7cf049696e1384586492f676
Implements: blueprint brocade-l3-svi-service-plugin
9 years ago
Jenkins 28ff4cfaf5 Merge "Added support for NOS version 4.1.0, 5.0.0 and greater" 9 years ago
Shiv Haris 499eb1d5ec Added support for NOS version 4.1.0, 5.0.0 and greater
NETCONF temaplates for NOS version greater than 4.1.0 are slightly
different (argh). An init time check of the NOS version is done
to enable selection of the correct NETCONF templates.

Change-Id: I01e82ad402fbbb25d92a99a3325ca2608dd514cb
Closes-bug: #1332719
9 years ago
Jenkins 04ba64c162 Merge "Remove the useless vim modelines" 9 years ago
Jenkins f0ce9ca6f2 Merge "Brocade mechanism driver depends on the brocade plugin templates" 9 years ago
liu-sheng 6e7df94199 Remove the useless vim modelines
Change-Id: I41286e0b8f74c90b7078c3d3fb041b6586d95ab0
Closes-Bug: #1229324
9 years ago
Jenkins bc0e2e4373 Merge "Brocade mechanism driver should be derived from ML2 plugin base class" 9 years ago
Shiv Haris ff55f9e151 Brocade mechanism driver depends on the brocade plugin templates
This causes problems when the customer installs the ml2
plugin/mechanism driver without the Brocade plugin.

Fixes bug: #1326937

Change-Id: I2d0dfda2cdfbdfd8503351b191151cb02104dcce
9 years ago
Shiv Haris 4a5b595e4a Brocade mechanism driver should be derived from ML2 plugin base class
Change-Id: Iddcb6a43d60d5c9f472912efdecbb2aaa9b7ea4a
Fixes-bug: #1327001
9 years ago
Jenkins c5ab37a0dd Merge "Use save_and_reraise_exception when reraise exception" 9 years ago
Akihiro Motoki bcc9787e54 Use save_and_reraise_exception when reraise exception
This fixes reraise in pluign codes.

Closes-Bug: #1279813
Change-Id: Iee174d94c0ce69eb01eb86eea1a903eceb7569d5
9 years ago
Jenkins 913f62527d Merge "Remove individual cfg.CONF.resets from tests" 9 years ago
Henry Gessau b689fc0e5a Remove individual cfg.CONF.resets from tests
oslo.config.CONF.reset is added to cleanup in BaseTestCase, so it does
not need to be done by individual test cases.

Change-Id: I5fced5c2d480e78e5bb7cc150f0b653313884456
Closes-Bug: #1291144
9 years ago
Jenkins eadcf4ef4f Merge "Fixed Spelling error in Readme" 9 years ago
Alex Holden 8f085b88e6 Fixed Spelling error in Readme
Change-Id: Iba7c580a21dbbdb4d0325640562a2891dcce15e4
9 years ago
Jenkins aff8764f46 Merge "Implementaion of Mechanism driver for Brocade VDX cluster of switches" 9 years ago
Shiv Haris 4815f827dc Implementaion of Mechanism driver for
Brocade VDX cluster of switches

Change-Id: Ic1649f7cee73a41f286e12d8ba6ca30be6261cfe
Implements: blueprint brocade-ml2-mechanism-driver
9 years ago
Somik Behera 602c0cb13f Pushing initial started code based on Glance project and infrstructure work done by the melange team. 12 years ago