Cumulus plugins/drivers for Neutron
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networking-cumulus Neutron ML2 driver

Cumulus ML2 Mechanism Driver for Neutron


List of switches are required to be configured in /etc/neutron/plugins/ml2/ml2_conf_cumulus.ini. The list can be comma separated switch names or IPs. All other configurable parameters are optional.

Cumulus ML2 driver confiuration format:

[ml2_cumulus] switches = <list of IP addresses or names> protocol_port = <rest api port> sync_time = <time interval in secs> spf_time = <True/False> new_bridge = <True/False>

Example of ml2_conf_cumulus.ini:

[ml2_cumulus] switches =, sync_time = 10 new_bridge = False spf_enable = False

The cumulus mechanism driver needs to be enabled from the ml2 config file /etc/neutron/plugins/ml2/ml2_conf.ini:

tenant_network_types = vlan
type_drivers = vlan,vxlan
mechanism_drivers = linuxbridge,cumulus

(Re)start neutron-server specifying cumulus additional configuration file:

neutron-server \
    --config-file /etc/neutron/neutron.conf \
    --config-file /etc/neutron/plugins/ml2/ml2_conf.ini \
    --config-file /etc/neutron/plugins/ml2/ml2_conf_cumulus.ini