25 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Jerry Zhao d2a84b5c3a test support for FOS 5.6.3 b1568 1 year ago
  Jerry Zhao 2ec1aca416 cap requirements to global requirements when installing fortiosclient 1 year ago
  Jerry Zhao 1163d76a24 use latest fortiosclient for devstack test 1 year ago
  ghanshyam 199dec71f7 Fix to use correct config options for ping_timeout 2 years ago
  Jerry Zhao c59946dff6 put tempest configuration at last stage to avoid race 2 years ago
  Jerry Zhao fb1b023de8 use cloudinit to create osvdmext vdom 2 years ago
  jerry zhao ab3f8a600c add nat rules for public network 2 years ago
  Jerry Zhao 97effc409d add support of non provider network for floating ip test 2 years ago
  Jerry Zhao e514c1a18e add devstack scripts to bootstrap fortivm for dvr or builtin fgtvm 2 years ago
  Jerry Zhao bccf023027 Revert "override create_neutron_initial_network to create pubic net" 2 years ago
  Jerry Zhao dd750563a2 devstack set FORCE_CONFIG_DRIVE to False but we need True 2 years ago
  Jerry Zhao 1a64201453 revert to legacy of_interface to ovs-ofctl 2 years ago
  Jerry Zhao 05a165628e override create_neutron_initial_network to create pubic net 2 years ago
  Jerry Zhao bb74c7b08b move static devstack configurations to devstack/settings 3 years ago
  Jerry Zhao 8d982fb43d adapt to upstream change of method _check_for_dup_router_subnets 3 years ago
  Jerry Zhao c591fbb991 update override function in tempest to keep aligned with upstream 3 years ago
  Jerry Zhao 1185442c80 adapt test cases to default allow all scenario in fwaas 3 years ago
  samsu 498cc774b4 Add a swtich to control whether enable fwaas default deny all rule 3 years ago
  Jerry Zhao 9018c28cff check if tempest is enabled for plugin's stack extra steps. 3 years ago
  samsu 6d08461794 support FGT default security profile in firewall as a service 3 years ago
  Jerry Zhao 61c5ee433f update document and config template with fwaas addition. 3 years ago
  samsu 86b351362e move all plugins to networking-fortinet folder 3 years ago
  Jerry Zhao a98faa9aaf add post configuration for tempest 3 years ago
  Jerry Zhao 08b09c6cad add demo scripts and local.conf samples 3 years ago
  Jerry Zhao f2bfa37eda move fortigate plugin from neutron to networking-fortinet 3 years ago