23 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  huang.zhiping c8932b4f81 fix tox python3 overrides 10 months ago
  Yushiro FURUKAWA 89c1742a8c Migrate stestr completely 9 months ago
  Doug Hellmann 565bab52d3 add lower-constraints job 1 year ago
  Andreas Jaeger de8ae66407 Avoid tox-install.sh 1 year ago
  Yushiro FURUKAWA 02e43b015e Enable to specify each test 1 year ago
  Yushiro FURUKAWA 339af98ef6 Migrate to stestr as unit tests runner 1 year ago
  Ngo Quoc Cuong e3a5205999 Using neutron-lib hacking rules 1 year ago
  Vu Cong Tuan 78c167298c Remove support for py34 1 year ago
  Yushiro FURUKAWA 4701b476c2 Enable to set branch of neutron for testing 1 year ago
  Yushiro FURUKAWA 0174468173 Use ostestr for testing 2 years ago
  Yushiro FURUKAWA 5430173dd3 Use neutron repos wrapper 2 years ago
  Yushiro FURUKAWA f2a247cf74 Modify pep8 ignored definitions 2 years ago
  Yushiro FURUKAWA 012512f930 Fix requirements repos to openstack/requirements 2 years ago
  Yushiro FURUKAWA ddc0913df1 Enables py35 tox unit test 2 years ago
  Henry Gessau 92f8dd35e8 Enable DeprecationWarning in test environments 2 years ago
  Yushiro FURUKAWA deeebef196 Add reno for releasenotes management 3 years ago
  Yushiro FURUKAWA 2fcff0c8d6 Fix coverage option and execution 3 years ago
  Yushiro FURUKAWA 83f8fe1d82 Enable to use 'tox debug' option 3 years ago
  Yushiro FURUKAWA 82f86a74b5 Enable to use coverage with 'tox -e cover' 3 years ago
  Naohiro Tamura c355b5ed6b Add python 3.4 support 3 years ago
  Yushiro FURUKAWA 761cd40e5d Add ML2 mechanism driver for FUJITSU C-Fabric 3 years ago
  Yushiro FURUKAWA 1e90fadca5 Fix nested directory format 3 years ago
  Yushiro FURUKAWA 58f91d8ee8 Initial commit with cookiecutter 3 years ago