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How to Install

pip install networking-fujitsu


Please edit /etc/neutron/plugins/ml2/ml2_conf.ini as follows:

  1. Add fujitsu_cfab to mechanism_drivers option.

    mechanism_drivers = openvswitch,fujitsu_cfab
  2. Both type_drivers and tenant_network_types in [ml2] section should include vlan. Only VLAN network type is supported.

    type_drivers = vlan
    tenant_network_types = vlan
  3. The following parameters should specify after [fujitsu_cfab] section.


The IP address or the host name of the CFX2000 to connect to using telnet protocol. This is a mandatory parameter and it has no default value. Only one address can be specified.

address =

The CFX2000 username to use. Please note that the user must have administrator rights to configure CFX2000. The default value is admin.

username = admin

The CFX2000 password to use. The default value is admin.

password = admin

List of <physical_network>:<vfab_id> tuples specifying physical network names and corresponding VFAB IDs. All possible physical network names must be specified in this parameter. If a physical network name not specified in this parameter is used, a runtime exception will be raised. It is valid to use same VFAB ID for different physical networks as long as VLAN IDs are exclusive. Please note that VFAB must be created and configured in CFX2000 beforehand.

physical_networks = physnet1:1,physnet2:2

Whether to share a CFX2000 pprofile among Neutron ports using the same VLAN ID. If it is true, the pprofile name will be based on the VLAN ID, and the pprofile will be used for all Neutron ports using the same VLAN ID. If it is false, the pprofile name will be based on the MAC address, and each Neutron port will use dedicated pprofile. The default value is False.

share_pprofile = True

The prefix string for pprofile names. The pprofile name will be "<pprofile_prefix> + <vlan_id>" or "<pprofile_prefix> + <MAC_address>" according to the share_pprofile parameter. If pprofile_prefix is specified, the mechanism driver will not use the existing pprofiles which do not have the prefix. If pprofile_prefix is not specified, the mechanism driver will use the existing pprofile if it corresponds to the VLAN ID when share_pprofile is true, or if the name ends with the MAC address when share_pprofile is false.

pprofile_prefix = neutron-

Whether to save configuration. If it is true, CFX2000's configuration will be saved every time the configuration is committed. The default value is True.

save_config = False

CFX2000 Configuration

As well as the standard configuration of CFX2000, the following configurations are needed for the mechanism driver.

  1. Enable AMPP using ARP/DHCP.

    By default, only RARP packets are examined for AMPP. It is possible to add ARP/DHCP packets to be examined for AMPP.

    evb ampp arp on
    evb ampp dhcp on


    evb ampp dhcp is not supported in earlier versions of CFX2000 firmware. Therefore, please create the subnet with enable_dhcp is FALSE before ampp dhcp function is supported.

  2. Create and configure VFABs.

    It is necessary to create and configure the VFAB beforehand. It is recommended that the ports connected to the network nodes are configured as VLAN through mode.

    ifgroup 0 ether 1/1/0/1-1/1/0/18
    ifgroup 1 ether 1/1/0/19-1/1/0/26
    ifgroup 2 ether 1/2/0/1
    vfab 1 cir-ports ifgroup 1
    vfab 1 ampp-area 0
    vfab 1 through ifgroup 2
    interface 1/2/0/1
    vfab through mode on


    vfab through commands are only available on CFX2000 firmware V02.30 and later.

Baremetal provisioning

CFX2000 driver also supports baremetal tenant network isolation. This feature is available on firmware V02.40 and later. In order to use this feature, the following pre-configuration is necessary:

Configure network mode for VFAB which is specified as physical_networks.

vfab 1 mode network


While baremetal provisioning is running, PLEASE DO NOT EDIT CFX2000 configuration directory.