22 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
elajkat 37f190cce3 .zuul.yaml to the project and change location 2 years ago
Victor Pickard 30b551986d Change neutron service name for devstack 5 years ago
Victor Pickard 57ee0d1655 Fix l2gw devstack plugin for Queens 5 years ago
Dong Jun 762f59869a Replace the fixed path prefix with $TEMPEST_DIR 5 years ago
Ricardo Noriega 6785b61d48 'l2gw' entrypoint for Neutron service_plugins 5 years ago
Ricardo Noriega b7992ad7e3 Adding l2gw section to tempest.conf within devstack plugin 5 years ago
Daniel Mellado 9d2a82fd9e Fix networking-l2gw devstack systemd issues 5 years ago
YAMAMOTO Takashi 3093340c74 devstack: Stop using Q_PLUGIN_EXTRA_CONF_FILES 6 years ago
Michael Micucci db32638df0 Fix Q_PLUGIN_EXTRA_CONF_FILES usage 6 years ago
Gal Sagie 26182448cc Add scripts to run on fullstack CI job 6 years ago
vikas 42aee1db03 Fix L2GW service framework for out-of-tree drivers. 6 years ago
Armando Migliaccio 2b187b2d83 Add these variables to devstack settings 7 years ago
vikas a7d2fd0d3d Fix for l2 gateway devstack stack.sh failure 7 years ago
Koteswara Rao Kelam 9cf7c16cec Formatting README in devstack. 7 years ago
Ashish Gupta 0db90b1393 Fix for HP 3rd Party CI failure 7 years ago
Maruti fc09cb4961 Include l2gw_plugin.ini while starting Neutron server 7 years ago
Henry Gessau cc0b186a9c Register alembic_migrations at install time 7 years ago
armando-migliaccio 9abaed2f52 Follow up on namespace renaming 7 years ago
Alok Maurya cde50a152d Fix for defect 1444183 7 years ago
Alok Maurya cd693f0302 Fix for defect 1439161 7 years ago
Selvakumar S 5273c82a28 alembic migration scripts for networking_l2gw 8 years ago
Alok Maurya 4d022e08be Add pluggable devstack for networking-l2gw 8 years ago