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Akihiro Motoki c3a50cbe2f Update translation setup
Follow new infra setup for translations, see spec
for full details.

This basically renames
networking-l2gw/locale/networking-l2gw.pot to
networking_l2gw/locale/networking_l2gw.pot. For this we need to update

Update also domain name in

Let's remove the po and pot files in the outdated paths.
The updated scripts work without them. So, we can just
delete the files and once the infra script runs,
an updated pot file together with translations
will be imported automatically.

Change-Id: I5e2db2ff767c25db9bb62aac8b826ba557393a5f
7 years ago
Gary Kotton e0d4545710 Switch to internal _i18n pattern, as per oslo_i18n guidelines
Guidelines referenced from:

Change-Id: I306795b9068d9ad139c412c54130c9765b02abbb
8 years ago