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Abhishek Raut 8ea8324bae Remove get_namespace() from l2gw extensions
This method was removed from all extensions
per I3c406910991c33cf959c5345d76153eabe3ace2d

Change-Id: Idc357dedfac1d5a9376dee5629893f7db608bdac
Closes-bug: 1477794
8 years ago
armando-migliaccio ceba5302da Stop using these variables
In order to register this plugin and its extensions, it suffices
adding the extension path to the list of the ones to be loaded.

Change-Id: Ic087b36f5b7a889455d8f1b785cfb6a35fa196ae
8 years ago
Selvakumar S be5d8acd7c L2gateway extension loading issues fixed
l2gateway extension was not loaded because extension file for
l2gateway was not overrided some of the neutron.plugins.common.constants
attributes that is required for loading l2gateway extension

Change-Id: Ife91583d6332ec254578c9fedbd9f9191b79769b
8 years ago
Selvakumar 47de11fc2e L2gateway db implementation for RESTful API
This is initial db related files required
for implementing l2gateway RESTful API

Implements: blueprint l2-gateway-api
Change-Id: Ie6bd6b506bd704e0a86273ec7240b7eebb3b18b1
8 years ago