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Abhishek Raut f7547c912e Fix help string by adding appropriate spaces
Change-Id: Iad1f4497f263411eeaa7cca8b63df4e0d65663bc
8 years ago
preeti-mirji 22c9645549 L2gateway CLI extension
This contains l2gateway cli using neutronclient extension.
CLIs to create/update/delete/show/list l2-gateway and
create/delete/list/show l2-gateway-connection are

Change-Id: I46f655ef1d7b645c0e582397c22c3b8c4e01d0f0
8 years ago
armando-migliaccio d4f5606c0e Switch to new oslo library names
Change-Id: Icea55acb2b7ff8bc3374791ac5f030fb17b4a066
8 years ago
preeti-mirji 81883cd3de Modified l2gateway-create/update CLI
Replacing ":" with "|" to seperate interface-name and
segmentation-id in l2-gateway-create and l2-gateway-update
CLIs.Help text is also changed.

Change-Id: I30a7bea26905df72c1864f1f5d3ded6c3b355977
8 years ago
preeti-mirji 682abfbd14 L2gateway CLI Enhancement
L2gateway create command is enhanced to create l2gateway with
devices having multiple interfaces and segmentation id.
Some other changes are also made to syn it with rest-apis
in spec.

Change-Id: Ia5175f8887353de906c7abcbfa44dd7d0c65e72b
8 years ago
armando-migliaccio 1f518f9c14 Fix ImportError on l2gatewayclient.v2_0.client
This patch fixes the import error caused by a wrong reference to the
required client module.

Change-Id: I703d520429a9c4da6da68e92238b706ffdb3d296
8 years ago
preeti-mirji 3171db8634 L2 gateway client implementation
This is a code for l2-gateway-client. Create/Update/Delete/List/Show CLIs for
l2gateway and l2-gateway-connection are implemented here.

Minor tweak to the requirements was needed to get the package to install
correctly and versioned to the tag we expect.

Change-Id: I1c722643b63a523670862a6c804b19b0b6bac585
8 years ago