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vikas 4da24db0b8 blank was missed in error message
Change-Id: Ieac3c6cc315482709ed1948d77f234fa268dacb0
Closes-Bug: 1548358
7 years ago
Jenkins 99ab33d66c Merge "check for ovs agent is running on a host" 7 years ago
Jenkins 1036529775 Merge "Remove default config settings set to None" 7 years ago
vikas dfa79b3cf6 check for ovs agent is running on a host
while retreving the information from port details which belongs to specific host,
we are checking whether ovs agent is running on that host or not. if not,
exception is raised saying ovs agent not found in the host.


Change-Id: I23fccd8751ce791e1c6fd6920a0510c943714126
7 years ago
Gary Kotton 8b3fee8fd4 L2GW: make use of neutron_lib constants
Commit 87a79256c494c36f2d9597313f430b24c0110161 added neutron_lib
for shared constants. This patch moves us to make use of the
aforementioned library.

Change-Id: I9f8c04d710bff2323d8259634097ea1738c50cdf
7 years ago
Jenkins b2e0b99cdf Merge "Remove deprecated warning" 7 years ago
Jenkins 60121bf6de Merge "adding missed parameter in function signature" 7 years ago
vikas 1f544e731b adding missed parameter in function signature
ovsdb_identifier parameter is missing while calling
delete_logical_switch and insert_ucast_macs_remote
function when enable_manager flag is set to False.


Change-Id: I93869f240a9000c7e0298e7ce7a8ec343b6d0982
7 years ago
vikas a381726b53 support multi segment network for l2gw connection
Since l2gateway binds vxlan(virtual side) to vlan(physical side) segment.
We are extracting only vxlan segment from the virtual network.
Since multi segment network can have multiple segmentation id's belonging
to different network types(vlan, gre, vxlan, etc), we are extracting the
vxlan segment from it.
We are checking for multiple vxlan segments in the network since ovsdb
does not allow multiple vxlan segmentation id's to associate for same
vlan (physical side) while creating l2_gateway_connection.
For Ex: say multi segment network has two vxlan segment id's 1000 and 2000.
If we create a l2_gateway_connection for this network by providing physical
side vlan segment as 500, the bindings should be 1000:500 and 2000:500,
this is not allowed in ovsdb hardware vtep schema.


Change-Id: I5f704eaf40763686aa30320dff7a99a16b6c1772
7 years ago
Abhishek Raut 25232afe46 Remove default config settings set to None
Oslo CFG sets the default values to None. No need to explicitly set
defaults to None in configs.

Change-Id: Ieb9897d8c11bae5207d37da1fb4f82be00a4c5f7
7 years ago
Gary Kotton 269681169a Remove deprecated warning
    DeprecationWarning: Using function/method 'instance.ugettext()' is
    deprecated: Builtin _ translation function is deprecated in OpenStack;
    use the function from _i18n module for your project.
      msg = _("Segmentation id must be a valid integer")


Change-Id: Id713e48c48b1815795112baa4a9a862ccca62b08
7 years ago
Chuck Carlino 45446eb6e8 Fix l2-gateway-connection delete
After creating a gateway and connection, then trying to delete the
connection, we hit the problem at the last call to
delete_ucast_macs_remote in delete_vif_from_gateway.  The call requires
4 parameters, but only 3 are given.

Change-Id: I39337261d17b5031f17def0d1d2dfa43f1920bb3
Closes-bug: 1541155
7 years ago
Gary Kotton e0d4545710 Switch to internal _i18n pattern, as per oslo_i18n guidelines
Guidelines referenced from:

Change-Id: I306795b9068d9ad139c412c54130c9765b02abbb
8 years ago
Jenkins 3bc3d23410 Merge "Service driver support in L2gw for south bound" 8 years ago
Jenkins 37c442264d Merge "Remove an extra IFACE_NAME_ATTR definition" 8 years ago
Maruti 6dc23d5f3f Service driver support in L2gw for south bound
The patch set provides a framework to support
service drivers so that the south bound implementation
need not be tied to only the L2gw agent communicating
over the RabbitMQ message bus. This will help to support
other types of south bound implementations like OpenDaylight.

Change-Id: I403c7c0f110d4ad95d803640508b78c1539d181f
Closes-Bug: 1478812
Author: Maruti  <>
Co-Authored-By: Manjunath Patil <>
8 years ago
YAMAMOTO Takashi d2c082c3e5 Remove an extra IFACE_NAME_ATTR definition
This instance is always overridden by the latter one.

Change-Id: Ib0fdd5c294718bef2ba0c474cc5912b3f01ee312
8 years ago
Maruti 2a69d92a51 Fix for the L2gw third party CI failure
The patch set fixes a problem introduced by [1] where
the l2-gateway-connection-create reports a Python error.


Closes-Bug: 1518856

Change-Id: Ie37a135db6a5d3cd2c097602fc15aac3025243cf
8 years ago
vikas ed5f17fec6 handle connection from multiple ovsdb servers
ovsdb server initiates the connection to l2gw agent with the entries in
manager table in ovsdb hardware vtep schema and with flag 'enable_manager'
set to True in l2gateway_agent.ini.
multiple ovsdb can connect to same l2gatway agent with the l2gw agent ip in
respective manager table.
This patchset addresses the handling of connections from multiple
ovsdb servers.

Change-Id: Iffe6a9e8599ffaed55c3f8b749c4d6f7d0e52c79
8 years ago
Jenkins 0211f43e11 Merge "ovsdb server connection initiation implementation" 8 years ago
vikas 9b6ee5df9a ovsdb server connection initiation implementation
ovsdb server initiates the connection to l2gw agent with the entries in
manager table in ovsdb hardware vtep schema.
A configurable option 'enable_manager' in .ini file is provided so that
the connection can be initiated by the ovsdb server or not based on boolean
By default 'enable_manager' value is False, turn on the variable to True
to initiate the connection from ovsdb server to l2gw agent.


Change-Id: Ib668ecda381367ea9f2f3cfa45e63d0e91e48f33
8 years ago
preeti mirji 56cacc5f1b Fix for string type seg-id
Creating l2-gateway gives internal
server error if segmentation-id specified is
string type.

Change-Id: I64e9555ea1419e56ab1bde7c661d0551814f1952
Closes-bug: 1483130
8 years ago
Jenkins a631bd76f0 Merge "Fix for Logical Switch not getting deleted" 8 years ago
Phani Pawan 2702c5a342 Fix for Ucast Mac Remote deletion after switch is deleted
This patchset implements the UcastMacRemote deletion after
the corresponding switch is deleted or disconnected from the

Change-Id: I383412b523d7c96b85735e18202450edf71fc6f1
8 years ago
Phani Pawan 509bf97107 Fix for Logical Switch not getting deleted
The logical switch table has to be deleted when the
last switch from the ovsdb is deleted. This patch
implements the same.

Change-Id: I256d12437e73f213c9e33fdfd1d2482a625f8607
8 years ago
Henry Gessau 73c856dec4 Import oslo_messaging instead of oslo.messaging
This fixes the unit tests.

To get jenkins to pass we also need to comment out the migration
check for pep8 temporarily. This check will be re-enabled with

Change-Id: If8484812e7cd026727b920fa70182db23154df58
8 years ago
armando-migliaccio d4f5606c0e Switch to new oslo library names
Change-Id: Icea55acb2b7ff8bc3374791ac5f030fb17b4a066
8 years ago
armando-migliaccio cbeb47ba42 Fix import errors
Change-Id: I4d01af55904408692e991784ebab5de11cc1014a
8 years ago
Jenkins cec580debc Merge "Fix for multiple entries in ucast_mac_remote" 8 years ago
vikas 5d4a4ad790 Fix for multiple entries in ucast_mac_remote
checking mac and logical switch while creating l2-gateway-connection,
if there is entry in ucast_mac_remote for second l2-gateway-connection for
same logical switch.
taken care of deleting ucast_mac_remote and vlan_bindings
while deleting l2-gateway-connection.


Co-Authored-By: Phani Pawan <>
Co-Authored-By: MANJUNATH PATIL <>

Change-Id: Id9205c902210d94d7168eb95fbd6c3520fbb6239
8 years ago
vikas eaf54d893a Fix for internal server error
internal server error occurs if empty l2gateway is passed in checking the the same.

Closes-Bug: 1454670

Change-Id: I5faba8d5e097b5ca8aeec44b7fde0a61d98486e4
8 years ago
Phani Pawan a58a8d800d Fix for writing correct ovsdb identifier
This patchset fixes the bug which causes wrong
ovsdb identifier to be updated in mysql

Change-Id: Iba87f86ca73a0a467b673dc78a2df954c76654b0
Closes-bug: 1456074
8 years ago
vikas 455819f581 checking the order in update l2gateway
checking the correct order of device and interfaces
while updating l2gateway.

Change-Id: I71507b7d18898fb19efa48ce766319c8792fd3e4
Closes-Bug: 1454650
8 years ago
Manjunath Patil b9982add08 Recreation of tunnels and exception handling when adding vm port
The patch set handles recreation of tunnels
when openvswitch is restarted and it also proposes
the fix for exception thrown while adding vm port
after l2gateway connection to ovsdb


Change-Id: I3ccdd64272adc2d008da69fdd2652b029368fb44
Co-Authored-By: Phani Pawan <>
8 years ago
Jenkins e9fcce303e Merge "Support for specifying segmentation id optional" 8 years ago
Selvakumar S 8d6cb1b3f3 Support for specifying segmentation id optional
This fix for supporting the '0' segmentation id during l2gateway connection create.
This is applied for the use case where some bare metal server can not handle tagged packets(connected to access ports)


Change-Id: Ia92432f0296152116e998ad8418c35ef014f898e
8 years ago
Jenkins 7d84b6b057 Merge "Retry logic for insert/delete/update MAC failures" 8 years ago
Maruti bb70491207 Retry logic for insert/delete/update MAC failures
The patch set fixes the problem described in a launchpad
bug, where any failures in inserting/updating/delete MACs
into the OVSDB server do not get retried in a later
point in time. The failure may occur when the L2 gateway
agent is down or the OVSDB server is down.

Change-Id: I79956f498c3279e1c78be812563a32c2c41e77ca
Closes-Bug: 1446805
Closes-Bug: 1451765
8 years ago
preeti-mirji e666dbac1e Deactivating the switch doesnot delete l2gw-conn
This patchset addresses the changes where deactivating
switch/ovsdb should delete l2-gateway-connections.

Change-Id: I8be62153e24696c4b265b7634ab172fbd4a2bda5
Closes-bug: 1447453
8 years ago
preeti-mirji 92c23cf734 L2gw connection fails for invalid device/interface
Creating l2-gateway-connection gives internal
server error if invalid device or invalid interface
is specified.

Change-Id: I5a738b085400b3937dd4f03076233853d05133d0
Closes-bug: 1447467
8 years ago
Jenkins 0bcf76400e Merge "L2gw to support VM migration" 8 years ago
Maruti ecbb9204ee Fix for reading large data from OVSDB server
The patch set fixes the problem described in the launchpad
bug 1447571, where the L2 gateway agent does not populate
OVSDB related tables in the neutron DB, when the data is large.

Change-Id: Ifdd9dacc2419ce427e9526d4e2e4298291a531cc
Closes-Bug: 1447571
8 years ago
Jenkins 24911b9973 Merge "Constraint violation error of physical locator" 8 years ago
Jenkins 06dca46604 Merge "connection-create/delete to report correct error" 8 years ago
Phani Pawan 2c415cc049 Constraint violation error of physical locator
This patch fixes the physical locator dict which was
being passed to the agent during the second
l2gateway connection

Change-Id: I0670ff18c855e5ea045e0047227c2dbe044d91ce
8 years ago
Maruti d5e023d362 connection-create/delete to report correct error
The patch set fixes the problem described in the launchpad
bug 1446218 where l2-gateway-connection-create and
l2-gateway-connection-delete report internal server error
instead of correct error that will hint the user to
the right problem area.

Change-Id: I329a4b36ea26482bf69a4afe2a1e0b1271f752ec
Closes-Bug: 1446218
8 years ago
Maruti 60aab17a98 Fix for l2-gateway-connection-delete error
The patch set fixes the problem described in launchpad
bug 1445770 where l2-gateway-connection-delete reports
an error when there are VMs on the network associated
with the connection.

Closes-Bug: 1445770

Change-Id: I76278bda7bfbd3cc997166ca13f985878e06a5cd
8 years ago
Maruti ed895ebcef L2gw to support VM migration
The patch set handles VM migration usecase for
L2GW. Basically, it updates Ucast_Macs_Remote
table record for the port associated with the
VM being migrated and inserts new entry in
Physical_Locators table if that locator does not


Co-Authored-By: Koteswara Rao Kelam <>
Change-Id: Icf1a973cd3e3ac5e889c7a63405471062f1f9a0d
8 years ago
Manjunath Patil 4081add0b8 Fix for L2Gateway fails if OVSDB has pre-populated

The patch set fixes the problem described in the launchpad
bug 1445323 where all the OVSDB tables in MYSQL DB should
be populated correctly.

Change-Id: I753b665de93d3e924bf23cbe8fb736410cb4bc73
Closes-Bug: 1445323
8 years ago
Maruti e59678f490 MAC address of VM not getting populated in OVSDB
The patch set fixes the problem described in the launchpad
bug 1445153, where the L2 gateway service plugin was getting
an error while inserting VM MAC address into the OVSDB server
when a new VM is booted on a network for which l2-gateway
connection exists.

Change-Id: I7e84a91f6e37c4bf557f8536b95b91f4a08f427c
Closes-Bug: 1445153
8 years ago