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Andreas Jaeger e3ffcc084d Cleanup py27 support 2 years ago
elajkat d57ae1ad77 Make gateway update work without device info 3 years ago
wangfaxin 91f4ca2b6c Fix misspell word. 3 years ago
elajkat 852c8098ca py3: encode messages on py3 3 years ago
Lajos Katona 23f0fb2df6 Start agent looping task anyway 4 years ago
Boden R ee8aca4369 use common rpc and exceptions from neutron-lib 4 years ago
Pavlo Shchelokovskyy 5517dc26f1 Use constant from neutron-lib 5 years ago
Boden R 9f7b71d371 use rpc Connection rather than create_connection 5 years ago
Adit Sarfaty fd231767ca Fix pep8 new warnings 5 years ago
Boden R 5583bc37a2 use common agent topics from neutron-lib 5 years ago
Peng Liu fe3f52a276 Add UT cases for L2GW Update 5 years ago
Ricardo Noriega 255bc40e58 Enable L2GW Update with existing connections 5 years ago
Boden R a4c0992801 use FAULT_MAP from neutron-lib 5 years ago
Lajos Katona 4b454b59d0 Replace deprecated self.is_agent_down 5 years ago
judy-yu 354495aae0 Take allowed-address-pairs to ucast_mac_remote 5 years ago
Gary Kotton 25133e611e Use flake8-import-order plugin 5 years ago
Ricardo Noriega 31b6b610cd Adapting networking-l2gw to use ovsdbapp library 6 years ago
xuqihou 990c3ef227 Remove log translations 6 years ago
Gary Kotton 40d267d3df Fix agent configuration breakage 6 years ago
Adit Sarfaty 0061bf903f Use neutron-lib's context module 6 years ago
Boden R f294b2b349 Use neutron-lib portbindings api-def 6 years ago
Ofer Ben-Yacov d34a5a0a63 Adding OVSLIB 6 years ago
Gary Kotton d950f625ea Use the new neutron manager 6 years ago
Nguyen Hung Phuong b44b4e5010 TrivialFix: Merge imports in code 6 years ago
Nguyen Hung Phuong 214ded2486 TrivialFix: Remove logging import unused 6 years ago
Nguyen Phuong An b4f085e4a8 Remove logging import unused 6 years ago
vikas d07933f7aa blank was missed in config help message 6 years ago
Gary Kotton 4b555ef77c Remove _i18n warnings 6 years ago
vikas 4bf75d915b Introduce socket timeout for a blocking socket 6 years ago
vikas d9de43f16b verify the certificates presence 6 years ago
vikas cdded15b4d Retain ucast_macs_remote if l2gw connection exists 6 years ago
Armando Migliaccio b5635a3109 Revert "allow binding to vlan 0" 6 years ago
Gary Kotton d30b6cf440 Fix translation imports 6 years ago
qinchunhua 266661594d Fix dict.keys() PY3 compatible 6 years ago
vikas 782271f5db allow binding to vlan 0 6 years ago
Ofer Ben-Yacov 483109a9f3 enabling L2GW to work with DVR 6 years ago
Ofer Ben-Yacov a5a95f4d9c This cleans up a bit the code that fixed bug 1602523. 6 years ago
vikas c72dc4f9ed Populate Ucast_Macs_Remote table for multiple OVSDB servers 6 years ago
Maruti 459c11e3d5 Return a valid socket when enable_manager=true 6 years ago
vikas af5c24232e delete stale ovsdb table entries from mysql db 7 years ago
vikas 3b5da5cf00 handle SSL connection in l2gateway agent 7 years ago
vikas 4cb660909f configurable port option for l2gw agent 7 years ago
Gary Kotton fe1c05f054 Address deprecated neutron_lib warnings 7 years ago
vikas 4104c4f837 use mutate operation instead of update operation 7 years ago
vikas b0b5431d9c create Vxlan tunnels from ESXi compute node 7 years ago
vikas 95d7c2ce62 remove unused parameter in rpc create_connection 7 years ago
HoboK 799942dc31 Add blank to message when creating resource without "seg_id" 7 years ago
vikas 42aee1db03 Fix L2GW service framework for out-of-tree drivers. 7 years ago
vikas 1639819a20 check the interface type in the request 7 years ago
vikas de722b24e9 Monitor new ovsdb server without L2gw agent restart 7 years ago